$100/yr CA EV-roadtax+ 12¢/gal ice-gas tax hike> (cause gas-price anxiety)

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$100/yr CA EV-roadtax+ 12¢/gal ice-gas tax hike> (cause gas-price anxiety)

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'Taxes are to fix roads, potholes& bridges'

How much will the North State get from the new gas tax?
April 7, 2017 ... Electric vehicle drivers will pay an extra $100 starting in 2020.  The extra fees will rise with inflation ... Redding will get $20 million and county $70 million over next 10 years from tax funds ...
California Just Did What Trump and Congress Won't
APR. 7, 2017 ... a massive infrastructure plan—paid for by (gasp!) new taxes
But the falling price of gas, increased fuel efficiency, and the popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles has recently crimped tax revenues, contributing to an ... Even with the new gas tax, California still needs federal infrastructure investment ...
State gas tax a win for Jerry Brown
04/07/17  A new tax to fund road repair in California is expected to bring $6 million annually to Santa Cruz County, plus open opportunities for grants. The new tax to fund road repair in California will bring the state’s gas tax to 30 cents per gallon ... Will raise: $52.4 billion over 10 years ...To fund: Fixing roads, potholes and bridges.
[© Santa Cruz Sentinel]
Several factors have conspired to create gas-price anxiety
April 7, 2017  The state also would charge $100 per year, starting in 2020, for electric vehicles. Analysts at the California State Automobile Association and the California ...

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