102 AeroVironment TurboDock L1 EV Charging Stations Installed @Atlanta-GA Airport

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102 AeroVironment TurboDock L1 EV Charging Stations Installed @Atlanta-GA Airport

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% ATL didn't& did go cheap offering L1 EVSE which would take 51 hours to recharge a Bolt EV. AV TurboDock can be set for either half-powered L2-3kW or slow L1 EVSE. AV also sells full-powered L2-6kW EVSE. TurboDock cost$ more than twice than their L2-6kW EVSE ... (ATL threw away $ on expensive EVSE but saved pennies on L1 electricity) %

AeroVironment to Install 102 EV Charging Stations at Atlanta Airport
April 11, 2017 Lauren Tyler


AeroVironment Inc., an electric vehicle (EV) charging company, says that the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) will install 102 of its TurboDock EV charging stations in several airport parking structures.

“Atlanta International Airport has set out to become one of the greenest airports in the world, and AeroVironment will help ATL and its guests support that goal with our TurboDock EV charging systems,” says Ken Karklin, vice president and general manager for efficient energy systems at AeroVironment.

“TurboDock is one of the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective charging stations available,” he continues. “Packed with features specifically designed to make it ideal for airports, including modular charging configurations, 120 V capability and mobile app-based access control, TurboDock helps EV drivers proceed with certainty.”

As reported, the TurboDock charging stations will be located at the following parking locations at the airport: North and South Domestic Terminal daily lots, South Employee lot, the Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal Hourly deck, the International Park-Ride deck, the ATL Technical Support Campus, and Maintenance Building No. 1 in the airport perimeter.

According to AeroVironment, the TurboDock is designed for commercial applications such as those found in Atlanta and other fast-growing EV markets. Out of the box, TurboDock charges at either Level 1 (12 amps/120 volts) or at Level 2 (16 amps/240 volts).

The company says TurboDock chargers offer power level and charging configurations appropriate for airport applications. As would be expected, drivers parking their cars at airports and other transit locations generally prefer a larger number of low-power charging ports rather than a smaller number of high-power ports, seeing as their cars typically remain parked for longer periods of time.

AeroVironment adds that TurboDock charging stations can be found in a growing number of workplaces, transit stations, hotels, shopping malls and universities.
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AeroVironment TurboDock (L1 or L2-3kW EVSE)

Atlanta Airport Domestic North Terminal Daily Deck
Ports  24 EV Plug (J1772)s
Address  6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320
Cost  Charging is free; parking costs $3 per hour, $16.00/day.
Hours  24/7
Description  24 charging stations located in the North Terminal's DAILY parking deck, on the ground level, in the northeast corner; map marker is approximate. There are 24 parking spots reserved for EVs, each with a dedicated J1772 plug. After you pass through the ticket gate, drive straight ahead to enter the deck's ground level (do NOT go up the ramp) then follow the little green "EV" signs overhead to the stations. MOST OF THESE ARE SLOW LEVEL 1 STATIONS, providing only 4-5 miles of range per hour. However since you will normally be parking for many hours if not days, you will still return to a fully charged car

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