12yrold girl places thank-driver-cards on EVs in solihull.uk

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12yrold girl places thank-driver-cards on EVs in solihull.uk

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Solihull girl's thank you cards to electric car drivers
July 9, 2019  

[image  / @evthankyou/Steven Smith
@evthankyou/Steven Smith
Image caption Charlotte Smith decided to write the cards after a school
science project

Over the last year Charlotte has received truly amazing letters of support
and encouragement for her work in Electric Vehicles. Letters from, The
Queen, Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge,
Duke & Duchess of Sussex, The Prime Minister. @RoyalFamily
    — EV Thank You! (@evthankyou) February 9, 2019

A 12-year-old girl has been putting cards on electric vehicles to thank
drivers for helping to save the planet.

Charlotte Smith, from Solihull, decided to write the cards after completing
a primary school science project about the benefits of electric engines.

She has since received her own thank you letter from the Queen and travelled
as far as Norway on her mission to thank people.

Her father says it is "absolutely the right thing to do".

Charlotte first learned about electric vehicles (EV) two years ago, as part
of a science project at St Alphege C of E Junior School.

She said: "I didn't want to villainise non-electric car drivers but to thank
those who have already made the change.

"I designed the card with that in mind and gave them out where I live.

"Since then we've been loaned electric cars to go and thank drivers all over
the country. It's quite surreal."

[image]  copyright @evthankyou  caption The cards feature cartoons of a
brain, heart and lungs

Charlotte's father Steven, 52, who left his role as a software engineer at
Warwickshire's Jaguar Land Rover headquarters last year, said: "Charlotte is
the only person doing this and it's turned into a bit of a full-time job."

The duo have travelled as far as Scotland, Land's End and even Oslo, where
they handed out 513 cards in just 36 hours.

She has also received letters from the Royal Family recognising her work:
[© bbc.com]
Solihull is a large town in the West Midlands, England ...

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