2012 Plug-in Prius and Smart Grid EVSE Demo'd

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2012 Plug-in Prius and Smart Grid EVSE Demo'd

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Silicon Valley Leadership Group given 3 Prius pih's for R&D feedback

Silver Spring Networks CEO Demos 2012 Plug-in Prius and Smart Grid
Connected Charging Stations  06 May 2011

Silver Spring Networks invites you to join Chairman, President and CEO
Scott Lang at their Redwood City office Thursday, January 6th for a
[demonstration] of the 2012 prototype Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid
Electric Vehicle (PHEV) along with newly inst cott will discuss his
participation in the worldwide Toyota Prius PHEV demonstration
project, the capabilities of Silver Spring's intelligent charging
stations installed to support Silver Spring employee EV interests and
the implications of the growing numbers of electric vehicles and the
associated impact to the electric grid.

Thursday's demonstration represents the first time the 2012 prototype
Prius PHEV will plug into a Silver Spring enabled smart grid charging
station. The charging stations are pre-integrated with the Silver
[Spring Smart Energy Platform – the network] infrastructure, software
and services to support the entire scope of applications needed to
deliver a smart grid. By connecting Smart Chargers to the smart grid,
utilities and consumers can charge their electric vehicles efficiently
while minimizing any adverse impact on the reliability of the electric
grid. Silver Spring's integrated approach to EV charging enables
utilities to capitalize on a common network infrastructure to bring
multiple smart grid applications onto one unified platform, reducing
operational costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

"Effectively integrating electric vehicles is one of the great
promises of the smart grid and we're excited to be working with
innovative partners including Toyota, ClipperCreek, the Silicon Valley
Leadership Group, and the Bay Area Climate Collaborative to make that
promise a reality," Scott said. "I'm also glad to help increase
consumer awareness through Toyota's PHEV Demonstration Program. We
believe increasing vehicle-to-grid education is of the utmost
importance to consumer understanding of the smart grid."

As a part of the worldwide Toyota Prius PHEV demonstration program,
the Silicon Valley Leadership Group has been given three 2012
prototype Toyota PHEVs and was asked to provide driving experience
feedback. Scott is among a small group of Silicon Valley executives to
be chosen to test-drive the car for a month in order to demonstrate
the technology and educate consumers on the benefits of these vehicles.
The Leadership Group and its partner, the Bay Area Climate
Collaborative, are working to promote the economic, national security,
environmental and other benefits of electric vehicles through broad
visibility of these vehicles in the community. Toyota will use driver
feedback in further development of the car.  Source: The Green Living
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