$2k NY EV rebate> Advocates ask 'Why so long, for so little?'

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$2k NY EV rebate> Advocates ask 'Why so long, for so little?'

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'UT House votes against extending electric vehicle credit'

New York to Launch Electric Vehicle Rebate

(AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)

New York state will soon launch a rebate designed to make electric vehicles more price competitive with traditional cars.

Officials said Friday they'll launch the initiative by April 1. The rebate of up to $2,000 will be available for zero-emission and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

The incentive is part of efforts to reduce automotive carbon emissions, the state's largest climate change contributor.

Environmentalists supported the rebate when it was approved last year.

The executive director of Environmental Advocates of New York, Peter Iwanowicz, says he's disappointed it's taken the administration of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo so long to act.

Democratic Assemblywoman Amy Paulin says she's pleased the rebates will soon be available. She says the idea is to make electric vehicles a "mainstream option" for motorists.
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