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($5/12V-battery thefts)> 12V-EV-aux batteries are vulnerable too

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Battery thefts on the rise in Brazos County
Jun 04, 2019  Kathleen Witte


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BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) - The Brazos County Sheriff's Office is reporting
an increasing number of battery thefts over the past several months.

Dep. Stephen Garon says thieves are snagging the batteries from vehicles,
oil well sites, heavy machinery, and electric driveway gates.

"They're taking these batteries and selling them for $5," said Garon on
First News at Four. "So it's really just inconvenient for the victim,
because then it costs them $50-100, and it's something they have to have."

Garon says the number one way to protect your vehicle battery is to lock
your car doors. Usually, the thieves are not jimmying the hood open, they're
simply opening the car door to press the button to pop the hood.

As for electric driveway gate batteries, Garon suggests locking the battery
up or placing a camera at the gate.

Furthermore, BCSO is asking everyone to keep a lookout for suspicious
vehicles exhibiting the following behaviors:

· Stopping in driveways for no apparent purpose

· Stopping adjacent to other vehicles that might appear to be disabled

· Working on heavy equipment found alongside roadways, or construction
sites, at odd times of the day

· Being in an area where they look out of place

If you have any information that could help the Sheriff’s Office with these
investigations, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 979-361-4900, or Crime
Stoppers at 979-775-TIPS (8477).

If you witness an incident that you believe is suspicious, call Brazos
County 9-1-1 at 979-361-3888 and a deputy will respond.
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