50yrold skull&crossbones Electric-Zabo-bicyclist killed in Southampton-PA crash (v)

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50yrold skull&crossbones Electric-Zabo-bicyclist killed in Southampton-PA crash (v)

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% Video shows e-bike had skull& crossbones emblazoned on top of the
Zabo-ebike had been clocked at 90kph/56mph %

Man on electric bike killed in Lower Southampton crash
Sep 18, 2017  

[video  flash
Man killed in electric bike crash in Bucks County. Walter Perez reports
during Action News at 5 p.m. on September 18, 2017. (WPVI)

One person was killed in an accident involving a modified electric bicycle
in Lower Southampton, Bucks County.

Witnesses said around 2 p.m. Monday the man riding the bicycle was traveling
west on Street Road in Lower Southampton.

As the man on the motorized bicycle was crossing the intersection at Central
Avenue, witnesses said the driver of a rented transit van traveling in the
opposite direction turned left right into the path of the oncoming bike.

Paramedics arrived moments later, but the man on the motorized bike was
pronounced dead on the scene.

He has been identified as 50-year-old Matt Petcel.

The impact damaged the van's passenger side door, but no other injuries were

The ensuing police investigation resulted in a backup in both directions
along Street Road, a very busy thoroughfare through this part of Bucks

Investigators said they're still not sure who was at fault here.
[© 2017 ABC]

E-biker killed in PA crash
Support family of Matthew Petcel!

Zabo Bike
[videos  dated
Electric Zabo bike 6000W high speed ebike -  2:30
Sep 12, 2015 - Uploaded by Sarunas Zabulionis
Published on Sep 12, 2015. Self Made Bicycle ZABO *********** A Drive In The
Forest *********** 6000W E ...

Zabo Bike
Driving a bike with 90 kmh video
Impressively explore a hack of bicycle 90 km/h. by Haihuoc Vuinhon on ....
by Electric Bike Zabo on 2017-08-01 In Video. Electric bike (Zbike) The ...
Electric Zabo bike 6000W high speed ebike
Worlds Fastest Top Speed over 100km/h Cyclone 8000 Watt Electric Ebike Kit
72 volt ...
The skull and crossbones ... has been used ... as a warning of the ferocity
of the unit displaying it ... as a pirate's flag could well predate the
Knights Templar ...

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