A CAD46k's EV options ... (How much EV are you getting for your CAD?)

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A CAD46k's EV options ... (How much EV are you getting for your CAD?)

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1st read the news item at the bottom of this post. It is clearly an ad to promote that Canadian Ford Dealership to suck(er) in EV-ignorant buyers to buy a Focus Electric from them.

I am hoping Canadian evdl members will post any corrections or additional comments as they see fit.

After reading tht item, my first thought was, there has been a serious dry-spell of Ford promoting their Focus Electric. Why now and why in Canada? The $14k incentive has been around for a while. Did it take this long for Ford to realize the market? Or maybe now that Ford has throttled back on sedan production in MX, they see an opportunity to 'move-metal' or unload some Focus EVs in Canada (since the U.S. buying public and dealers are dealing with an odd-strange-fickle situation right now as Donald has dropped the other mpg shoe yet).

BTW, US$35k= CAD46.6k, so for U.S. readers/lurkers, a Canadian comparable figure to the no-frills US$35k price of a Tesla-3 or GM Bolt (after rebate), would be CAD46.6k.

The news item plays the dealership up, but after some web research, I am not that impressed with them. Especially with what I see on their plugshare.com listing:

Victory Ford Lincoln
Ports  EV Plug (J1772)
Address  301 Richmond St, Chatham‎ ON‎ N7M 1P5, Canada
Description  Ford dealership. Front right side of parking lot on the wall. If spot is ICE'd go in and talk to reception, they will move a car if needed.

BTW one alternate to plugshare for Candian EVSE is ChargeHub:
ChargeHub Map of Chatham-Kent

With the Ford dealership allowing the icing of the EVSE spot, that dealership does not seem any more EV committed than a U.S. Ford dealership (nil). If you bump around using plugshare's map you will see some public EVSE in the area the customer lives in.

But (IMO) not enough compatible public EVSE to rely on (best to have a back up plan until more Canadian public EVSE is installed near there). (Assumption) Likely Canadians do the same as U.S. drivers, they charge at home most of the time, and their home has a backup plan when the grid is down/out.

That dealership's starting price is a bit high compared to the figures on the Ford Canada site. Prices will vary between dealerships:

2016 Ford Focus Electric Hatchback  Starting at: $31,999 + Sales Taxes

2017 Focus Electric Hatch Starting At  $31,498  185 kilometer

This year's Focus EV has a larger pack (a little more range), and offers a L3 charging option, the L2-6kW comes std.

Ford Focus Electric  Starting Price $31,998 MSRP  Range on Electric 185 km
SAE J1772 CCS (Combo Connector System) Charge Port capable of charging on 120V, 6.6 kW 240V and 50kW Direct Current (DC Fast Charge)

IMO always go for the L3 option, even if you do not think you will use it much. Ford uses the L3 ccs, so it is not CHAdeMO compatible (use the filters on plugshare to show you which sites are ccs and which are CHAdeMO):

What other EVs are available to Canadians?

Driving range 150 km

2017 Nissan LEAF  Starting at $32,698 Plus up to $14,000 in provincial incentives!*
Up to 172 km

Model 3 achieves 345 km of range per charge while starting at only 35,000 USD before incentives ... Delivery estimate for new reservations is mid 2018 +

2017 BOLT EV  383 km  MSRP from $42,895
Up to $14,000 in Government Incentives

Bottom line:
For me it boils down to knowing what your actual EV driving needs are. If you like the Focus' looks, and its price& range fit your EV-driving needs, it could be a good EV choice for you.

For me, I know I can get so much more range for my buying dollar and would look at purchasing a 320+ km EV for about the same amount of money (the Focus' range abilities do not suit my EV driving needs as in some major parts of Canada there are large gaps between public EVSE).

For all EVLN EV-newswire posts


Victory Ford first choice for electric car for Essex family
When he started researching electric vehicles months ago, Dustin O'Neil wanted something that would be good for the environment, would meet the needs of his ...

Victory Ford first choice for electric car for Essex family
Apr 4 2017  Mary Beth Corcoran

Dustin O’Neil of Essex and his daughter, Evelyn are the first customers to buy an electric car, the Ford Focus electric, from Victory Ford salesperson Mark Jackson, shown handing over the keys recently. Victory Ford is fully certified to sell and service electric cars and has the only accessible charging station in Chatham available to the public.

When he started researching electric vehicles months ago, Dustin O’Neil wanted something that would be good for the environment, would meet the needs of his daily commute and would inspire his students to take an interest in protecting our resources.

With the 2017 Ford Focus electric, a full plug-in, he feels he made the right choice and was happy Victory Ford Lincoln in Chatham could help him out.

O’Neil came to Chatham last week to pick up his new car with family and friend, Brian Masse, MP for Windsor West and someone who has experience with the auto industry.

“I always had an interest in the environment and I saw a documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” that my friend Brian (Masse) showed me,” O’Neil said. “So when the time came I needed to change vehicles I committed to an electric car.”

With the improved range of the 2017 Focus to 185 kilometres, O’Neil said it fit into his daily commute to work as a school principal, plus the ability to charge at home, and having an app that shows where all charging stations are meant an electric car was a good fit for him.

O’Neil said he also was able to get good information from Sean Hart, founder and chair of the Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association (WEEVA). The group shares information about buying and owning electric vehicles.

Looking for a vehicle that fit his needs, O’Neil said he turned to Ford, but had trouble finding a dealership from Windsor all the way to Ottawa that was certified and could get him what he wanted in a timely manner. That’s where Victory Ford comes in.

“I called these guys and they were very responsive and were able to get me a car very quickly; a week compared to months,” O’Neil explained. “The current rebates also made it very cost comparable to a gas-powered car. The incentives really level the playing field.”

In the works from the Ministry of Transportation, O’Neil said, is a new incentive for electric car owners to charge overnight for free for four years, which will also be good news for people thinking about going electric.

Adam Lally, general manager at Victory Ford, said they were very happy to complete the certification to sell and service electric vehicles and help O’Neil find the perfect vehicle for his needs.

“Ford has committed to electric and hybrid vehicles. To be certified, a certain percentage of the staff had to be trained, but everyone here is really excited about electric vehicles and now our entire staff is now trained,” Lally said.

With the sale of the first EV at Victory Ford, Lally said they have had four more orders in the last two weeks and the challenge now will be to keep up with consumer interest.

Mark Jackson, the sales rep who helped O’Neil with his purchase, said Victory Ford is forging new roads into the electric vehicle market.

“As the infrastructure becomes more available, trail blazers like Dustin and WEEVA will educate consumers and the market is only going to get larger and larger,” Jackson said.
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Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association (WEEVA)