A New 'Sputnik Moment' requires continued EV battery R&D/innovation

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A New 'Sputnik Moment' requires continued EV battery R&D/innovation

America Faces a New 'Sputnik Moment'
WASHINGTON, DC, November 30, 2010 (ENS) - The success of China and other
countries in clean energy industries has created a new "Sputnik Moment"
for the United States, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Monday in a speech
at the National Press Club ... Today's clean energy challenges require "a
similar mobilization of America's innovation machine ... scientists are
developing electric vehicle batteries that can power 500 miles of driving
on a single charge, said Chu.

The Nissan Leaf can travel 73 miles on a single charge, according to its
U.S. EPA new vehicle sticker, while the Chevy Volt can travel 35 miles
on battery power alone ... there are ... crucial technologies where the
United States must innovate or risk falling far behind:

* Alternative Energy Vehicles. China has developed a draft plan to
invest $17 billion in central government funds in fuel economy, hybrids,
plug-in hybrids, electric ... vehicles, with the goal of producing 5
million new energy vehicles and 15 million fuel-efficient conventional
vehicles by 2020
* Renewable Energy ... * High Voltage Transmission...  * High Speed Rail
* Supercomputing ... "[DoE's] supercomputers provide an enormous
ompetitive advantage for the United States," ...
[Copyright Environment News Service (ENS) 2010. All rights reserved.]
Secretary Chu: Global energy race is 'Sputnik' moment
by Martin LaMonica  Nov 29, 2010
... One lesson that the U.S. can learn from China is the importance of
long-term planning and investment, Chu said. The ARPA-E program, which
is taking on challenges such as cheap electric-car batteries capable of
a 500-mile range, could suffer from short-term policies. Although it was
created as an agency a few years ago, it was first funded through the
stimulus package and it is now in danger of not being renewed.



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