Bill Ford kills: CEO out> after his raise, job layoffs, h2 debacle& sweating water from air

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Bill Ford kills: CEO out> after his raise, job layoffs, h2 debacle& sweating water from air


% I had been seeing in the newswires some serious grumblings about Ford, but I do not like to post what seemed to be just investor profit loss issues. But now, Bill Ford cut their CEO like a sports coach who wasn't winning games. But it took so long for this action, it did not seem right. It was so late in the game, it looked more like Bill Ford, unhappy with the stock price drop, did an 'off with his head' / game of thrones kill.
I post these links not for investors, but to note at this point on the EV history timeline that a change (hopefully for the better) is happening at Ford. %
Ford fires CEO Fields, in part, for lagging on electric cars
May 22, 2017 ... will replace him with Jim Hackett, former CEO of Michigan furniture maker ... Focus Electric since December 2011, but the battery-electric conversion of the compact hatchback is strictly a compliance car ... finally boosted battery capacity to give the 2017 Focus Electric a rated range of 115 miles, adding fast charging as well. But it declined to re-engineer the placement of the on-board charger in a hump between the rear wheel wells. That left the car's load bay deeply compromised, a problem solved by 2013 on the Nissan Leaf (which started with the same setup) ... 13 new "electrified" vehicles by 2020. While its press releases didn't define that term—... it means hybrids and plug-in hybrids ... Ford has no plausible approach towards mobility and e-vehicles yet and lags behind ... Fields simply wasn't up to the job ...
Yet again, Bill Ford makes bold decision to shake up company
May 22, 2017 ... Smart Mobility LLC to re-position the company in a world of (electric vehicles) ... our obsession over hierarchy," Ford said. "If we really are going to get the best out of our employees and really get true teamwork, then we are going to have to bend that notion of hierarchy within the company ...
Ford just fired its CEO - and the stock price is going nowhere
Fired Ford CEO Fields Made $59 Million Over Past 3 Years
May 22, 2017  Fields also has been criticized for being slow to launch Ford's autonomous and electric car operations ...
Ford announces 10 percent workforce layoff Worldwide
May 21, 2017  But some of Ford's problems are of its own making. And Ford hasn't kept up with rivals in the electric vehicle market ...
Ford is pushing back its hydrogen car plans because the tech isn't ...
May 18, 2017
Ford considers thousands of salaried buyouts
May 16, 2017
Motor chief Bill Ford on a Rust Belt reboot for the driverless age
May 12, 2017 ... Ford has been a bit slow off the mark when it comes to electric cars — General Motors and Tesla have affordable all-electric models unlike anything it has ...
Ford taking mindful approach to electric car market in China
Apr 22, 2017 Ford Motor is taking a mindful approach to producing electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles for the Chinese market, pointing out uncertainty about customer ...
Musk tells disgruntled Tesla shareholders to buy Ford stock
Apr 12, 2017 ... referring to how the Ford family controls the automaker through two classes of stock ...
Ford CEO Mark Fields picks up a nice pay increase
Mar 31, 2017 - DETROIT -- Ford CEO Mark Fields earned $22.1 million in 2016 — $3.5 million, or 19%, more than the prior year because of a change in the ...
March 21, 2017 ... On-the-Go H2O, Ford can now make a vehicle that can extract moisture from the air, purify it into drinking water then pump it up through a spout inside the cabin
Ford CEO Mark Fields Told Trump 1 Million US Jobs At Stake ...
Jan 30, 2017

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Re: Bill Ford kills: CEO out> after his raise, job layoffs, h2 debacle& sweating water from air

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The articlie that I read said it was because Fields wasn't sufficiently gung-
ho on SDVs (self-driving vehicles).  It didn't say anything about EVs one
way or the other.

It had a pic of the new guy, Hackett.  Apperances don't mean much, I guess --
 but you'd never mistake him for Elon Musk, that's for sure.

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