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Buying in China

Mark Grasser
I have been involved with, excuse me, worked for, been employed by, a
company for the last seven years that imports "our designed" product from
China. The company that builds our product does "100% testing". Yet I am
always finding product that does not run out of the box. Last week I tested
a product that the bench techs said did not run. I found one of the on board
PICs to be void of program. Programmed it and the unit ran fine. It is my
opinion that as soon as I leave the factory visit that they put a plastic
sheet over the QC department and simply ship what they build.
For this reason, and a few others, I have left the company and am now doing
design consulting work.


Taiwan is a lot better place to manufacture then China and only a little
more costly.


I have finally put the 928 up for sale, quit the Porsche chat room and in
the next month will leave join this list full time. Hope I don't become to
much of a pest to you guys but it is time for me to move on to the next
chapter of my life.

Mark Grasser
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