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Changes: EVLN posts ...

Electric Vehicle Discussion List mailing list
Normally, I only make one post each day, referencing to several EVLN items
members can pick and choose from.

But something has changed with nabble: I can no longer do that.
I have sent a message to our evdl sysop about this.

But in (hopefully) the short term, I will have to clog up your intrays with
individual EVLN posts.


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Re: Changes: EVLN posts ...

Electric Vehicle Discussion List mailing list
The response back from our sysop sez he will address the issues I brought up
when he has server access.

Meanwhile, looking over what I had planned to post, I will reduce the amount
of posts each day (not posting the least read types). This should fill your
intrays a little less.

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Re: Changes: EVLN posts ...

Electric Vehicle Discussion List mailing list
>Michael Ross via EV Fri, 01 Sep 2017
Hey Bruce, Seems to be back to normal.<

No, its still messed up, I just added the daily summaries. As posted, I have
reduced the number of individual posts, but now I added the summary (its
like 2 steps back and 1 step forward).

No one has complained (so far), but I work hard to be sensitive to my daily
use of evdl members' bandwidth (the evdl is not for brucedp's own use by
dominating with too many posts).

But until our sysop resolves the changes to the nabble archive, I will use
the method I used last night (post EVLN item I hope people will use the
most, and hold back those that get read the least).

It was suggested that I combine news items into one big newswire post, but
that has not worked out in the past, as readers have shown they like the
ability to pick-n-choose what they want.

Posting the summary may not seem necessary to some, if I am already posting
the individual items. But there are those that use my work to disseminate
news items they feel a forum they participate on would want to know (i.e.:
the short blurb about Smart EVs, re-posted on the smart forum, etc.).

To back this belief, look at
 at the number of views. If people are only using my free work (since 1990)
by reading an individual post in their intray, then there would be no need
for them to access that EVLN post on the evdl's nabble archive. But people
are sharing/disseminating EV-news. This is a very good thing, and I am glad
it is being done. Not that it is an ego stoke for me, but the whole
purpose/the reason I kill-myself to find, clean-up, and get this out, is for
people to use to get the EV word out (think of it as lots of people
contributing like open-source = a lot gets done).

I am hoping this nabble issue gets resolved, and I do not have to find a new
archive to stash my EVLN posts. Our sysop made a great effort to allow me to
post to a separate EVLN sub-folder just so regular evdl posts are not
cluttered up/over-whelmed with all my stuff.

Well, since I am using bandwidth to make this post, I might as well also use
it for other purposes (as was suggested - the following has  ot  topics).

*Note: In a week, I will be flying out, arriving in Austin, TX,
reconnoitering a couple of hours north for a few days (check out the area),
and come to stay for my last few days south again in San Antonio.

For those with lives that are quite busy, the largest hurricane to blast
Houston in 12 years (it made quite a katrina-like mess
 As I type, flood waters are receding, people are putting their lives back
together, etc.

I am hoping locals will come out to the 9/16 San Antonio NDEW EVent
 Then I will poke around SA until mid-week when I leave to return home out
of Austin.

I mention this as I am hoping there won't be an EVLN posting disruption, but
this old body gets tired a whole lot quicker than it used to, so we will
have to see how it goes.

Since I am not posting the least read items, I will use this combined post
opportunity to clump in said items to his post. First, it one that is mostly
ot, but only has an honorable mention of EVs in it. But it points out that
those wackadoodle Californians are going to what some outsiders mind seem
like as an extreme: an ordinance to force drivers to turn off their ice when
not in use.

Outsiders have to understand, Palo Alto is the more affluent part of
northern Silicon Valley (many of their elite live and work there = Very
Expen$ive). Besides their high stress super money making deals (facebook,
google, yahoo, and many others live here), there are some that would say
that area also has its fair share of extreme save-the-earth types that want
to return the bay's salt ponds back to nature,36
(which will be a haven for more west-Nile-virus mosquitoes, skunks, mash
rats, and other vermin/pests).

They also want the mountains to return to be a haven for the wild life
(mountain lions, coyote, etc.). while at the same time, parent's sightings
of in Palo Alto neighborhoods of mountain lions, etc.
 causes a concern/uproar of pets and kids being consumed (wacka poodle

So, while we have heard of some countries' planned ban of ice sales in the
future, this turn off your ice, is another step to reduce pollution, that
other regions may dislike.
Palo Alto bans idling of vehicle engines
Construction vehicles, tech shuttle buses and even Mark Zuckerberg's private
security detail must stop their idling. The Palo Alto City Council ...
Exemptions include public safety vehicles during emergencies, public works
vehicles under certain city rules and electric vehicles because they don't
emit ...
Palo Alto bans idling of vehicle engines
August 31, 2017

Construction vehicles, tech shuttle buses and even [Facebook’s paranoid CEO]
Mark Zuckerberg’s private security detail must stop their idling.

The Palo Alto City Council voted 8-0 Monday night to approve an ordinance
that bans running engines more than two or three minutes after a vehicle is
parked or queued ...

Monday was a Spare the Air day with “obvious particulate matter visible” in
the hills.

A number of supporters at the meeting, including high school students who
are youth leaders with the Sierra Club, urged the council to be a pioneer in
the anti-idling movement. The nearby cities of Los Gatos, Los Altos and
Saratoga are considering similar bans. Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Ann
Arbor, Michigan, have already adopted ordinances ...

Facebook’s CEO was also implicated in June when members of the Crescent Park
Neighborhood Association asked his private security officers to stop idling
their vehicles. Zuckerberg has security outside his home 24 hours a day, and
residents later said the officers appeared to have stopped the idling
practice ...
[© 2017 Digital First Media] Tim Hortons installs vehicle charging station
Aug 25, 2017  Jan Trude, owner of Tim Hortons in Collingwood, shows off the
new electric vehicle charging station, which is expected to be ready for use
next week ...
Saugerties to install electric car charging station at ice arena
2017/08/27  Within weeks, the town of Saugerties-NY expects to install an
electric-car charging station at the Kiwanis Ice Arena. At their August 16
meeting, the town board …
Why Are Electric Cars and Public Charging Like Hot Dogs and Buns?
August 28, 2017  Despite the world being full of technological advancement,
we still have ways to improve. Electric cars, as an example, are nowhere as
easy to charge as taking ...
(Don't really need a one-to-one ratio of EVs to EVSE stations)
Renault uses EV batteries to charge EVs at highway rest stops
August 29, 2017   Back in June, Renault partnered with UK company Powervault
to reuse batteries from electric vehicles in energy storage systems for the
home ...
Sundog Solar Installs a Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Searsport,
Aug. 28, 2017 Sundog Solar Installs a Free2use L2 EVSE Station in
To further the clean transportation movement, Sundog Solar installed a free
EVSE ...
Charging while shopping: Hawaiian Electric adds EV charging station near
Aug 29, 2017  Electric vehicle owners heading to Costco in Iwilei will soon
be able to shop and charge their cars car at the same time. Hawaiian
Electric Co. is expanding its ...
Electric vehicle chargers add to tech of medical college at Chaffee ...
Aug 30, 2017  Eight electric vehicle charging stations were recently
installed at the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education in Fort Smith's
Chaffee Crossing. The stations were ...
‘Wackadoodle’ Makes It To The Oxford English Dictionary
toughiq Apr 28, 2009
The Big Bang Theory: Penny calls Sheldon a "whack-a-doodle"

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Status, ot-freaky-deaky, Tesla-S' Max Headroom, robot-walker : EVLN posts ...

Electric Vehicle Discussion List mailing list

(The following is another combination post -all in one- to minimize how many
posts I fill your intray with).

First, the status of evdl's messed up nabble archive:
-our evdl sysop says he has sent a message to the nabble people and hopes
for an answer back (we will have to wait before the issues get resolved).

Meanwhile, I am prepped to step on a plane on 9/9 morning and landing
Austin, TX for my week+ relocation reconnoiter trip. Besides rearranging my
sleep clock, you will notice my posts have been delayed too. I figure, I
have a window of time after my airport check-in, security frisking to mooch
some wi-fi while I wait for my flight when I can post the EVLN items. If not
it will have to wait until I get to my motel. BTW, EV news items have been
sparse (not much is happening.

(A personal experience you might find interesting/amusing)

At the beginning of the labor-day weekend we had some really freaky-deaky
weather: 107F, 105F, +  While it is Sept. (a hotter time of the year here),
SF never gets beyond 80F. Mark Twain once asserted “The coldest winter I
ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” It because SF is surrounded by
the cold Pacific currents that come south from Canada, which in the past
acted like natural air-conditioning for the SF area:
Why are San Francisco summers so cold?
San Francisco has the coldest mean temperatures for June, July, and August
among the top 50 U.S. cities. To oversimplify, it's because the city is
right at the mouth of the Golden Gate near cold ocean waters.

It does get hotter as you go farther away from SF, but not 107F!
So, to try to beat the heat (my place was like a sauna), I thought I would
go do some inside mall walking, and kill time in an air conditioned
environment with lots of places to sit with free wi-fi ... How could I go

I incorrectly chose Stanford Shopping Center which does not have inside mall
walking. Other nearby malls do (Vallco, San Mateo, etc.). So, I was crazy
sweating, but getting no where to get cool.

While I was there, I did get to experience a few things before I retreated
to a nearby air-conditioned library.

As I hobbled up to the mall sidewalk using my walker/rollator, I asked for
directions to the indoor part of the mall. The man of the couple told me
that mall did not have an indoor part like other malls (which when the
weather pattern was normal, an indoor part was not needed).

Before we parted we had a nice chat. He was a software engineer (nothing new
there, since it was Silicon Valley) and she was a medical professional.
After I have mentioned my support for plugins, and as I aged my interest in
utilizing auton vehicles in my future, he said he was using JavaScript to
develop voice recognition apps/programs at Google (possibly for their auto
car program).

Since most Silicon Valley techies do not stay at one job for more than a
couple of years (it looks better on the resume), he mentioned he would be
starting in a new job that was a branch/spin-off at Google where his skills
would be needed.  

He pulled out his tablet phone and showed me his under development app,
which was a voice recognition tic-tac-toe game

I thought it was very interesting, but could read her body language that it
was time for me to end our techie-chat and cut-them free (after all we were
standing outside in the blazing 107F  shade).

I told him I could see me in the future as an even older codger in a Google
auton EV taking me and some other seniors to the hospital for our regular
appointments. To while away the idle time, I envisioned me tell them that I
once met a Google engineer that was developing all this voice control code

He smiled and then they laughed at the thought. We parted each seeking some
heat relief.

I knew there should be a Tesla showroom at this upscale mall (this is where
the affluent blow some money on things they do not need). The internet
showed a Tesla show room where I was, but everyone kept saying it had moved
(so much for the internet being up-to-date).

I found a high-tech store directory kiosk to use, that was like a giant
tablet (looking something like):

The internet shows these hi-tech kiosks are now common out in the public,
but I had not seen one before (shows you how little I get out). I remembered
a long while ago I had seen a TV episode of NCIS where the east coast
tech-geek was enjoying using the touch big-screen computers at the LA NCIS
team office

So, just like that show's tech-geek, this old walker/rollator man was using
both hands to manipulate the screen to find where the Tesla showroom was,
and then rotate the display's orientation to get my bearings. It showed I
needed to drive to the other side of the huge mall to get close enough to
the Tesla store.

My body size always attracts attention, especially when it looks like a
old-broken down senior is geeking out using the directory better than most
people would know how to do (nice to know my tech skills are still working).

An early 40's gal came up to me smiling (enjoying what she was seeing), and
we chatted about this new-high-tech kiosk (it was new to her too). I showed
her how to use it before I left to head back to my car. It turns out she
worked for my former employer hp, she was happy to meet a former hp
customer-engineer (our job carried prestige within the company as you had to
be worth your salt to be an hp CE back then).

I finally got to the Tesla showroom, and found out if I could fit in a Tesla
EV. They had an X and two S EVs on display. I chose a S because the X was
more EV than I would ever need. After working to get the driver's seat all
the way back and down, and the steering column up as high as it would go, I
was able to lug my big body into the driver's seat.

I had less than an inch of head room.

My left leg was resting comfortably on the door, so on long drives, it would
not be a sore point. But my right leg at the knee, was hitting the large
rectangular infotainment screen. It was a good thing the Tesla-S would have
cruise control so I would be able to move my right leg away from hitting the
display when on long trips. What I saw looking out through the windshield
from the driver's seat looked something like:

After I got out, I was greeted by a Tesla energy advisor (?):
Tesla Energy Advisor Job at SolarCity in Portland, OR, US
May 10, 2017 - Description Energy Advisors play a pivotal role in allowing
Tesla to achieve our mission. Energy Advisors are an innovative, hybrid
retail sales ...

He was there for one day out of the Monterey-CA Tesla showroom, and wasn't a
Tesla EV rep, but handled the SolarCity part of their operation.

So for me, I could make do driving a Telsa-S, but a Soul EV would have a lot
more room for my sized body (disclaimer, everyone's body is different, go
sit in a Tesla EV yourself and makeup your own mind as to what fits your

Days later, after the heat wave cooled down, I was cruising on SF peninsula
city streets, when I saw people (handlers) walking their food delivery
auton-robot (it looked something like):

Stopped at a turn, I saw one handler and his robot on the corner. As I
turned, and got eye contact with him, I quickly asked, "Are you out walking
your robot?"
He said, "Yes, I am".

It turns out, there are a couple of companies in the SF area that have paid
robot walkers to not only deliver food, but also advertise the robot's
abilities. Anyone interested in this type of EV-related job as a robot
handler/walker, see:
Starship Technologies ... building autonomous robots designed to deliver
parcels, groceries, and food in 15-30 minutes within a 2-3 mile radius ...
Robot Handler ... qualifications:
Accompany the robot on the street to monitor and record its performance
Answer questions / introduce the technology to the general public ...
Ensure robots safety as it learns to navigate autonomously ...
 Responsible, reliable and an overall  fun  person to be around
Articulate and comfortable talking to strangers on the street
Comfortable appearing in pictures and the media...
Able to walk and move around in any weather ...
Full-time or part-time, work in flexible shifts
3-9-month employment
Work area: SF Peninsula
Robby Technologies ... building a fleet of autonomous mobile robots that
deliver things to your doorstep, at low cost and high efficiency.
Self-driving cars are almost here. While they are going to shuttle you
around town, we believe the next big thing is to shuttle stuff around
autonomously as well, from packages to food to everything else you need
Experience in overseeing and monitoring deliveries
Possess good hand-eye coordination skills
Ability to work flexible hours during on-demand shifts
Ability to troubleshoot in real time

Robots delivering groceries, take-out ...
Starship delivery robot makes debut ...
April 25, 2017
I am robot, here's your pizza
Mar 5, 2017

This makes me wonder if the same method could be used to advertise EVs?
You control your auton EV via your phone app (the robot handlers I saw had a
hand-held device for instructing their robots), and walk down a street with
your auton-EV along side.
With the EV painted to advertise itself, it should attract a lot of

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Status of discombobulated evdl nabble archive : EVLN posts ...

Electric Vehicle Discussion List mailing list
This is another combo post of both the status of the messed up evdl nabble
(which is why I am posting differently than before and filling up your
as well as my TX trip attending the San Antonio (SA) NDEW.

Recently, I sent another email to our evdl sys admin asking for a status, I
have not heard back.
Last email I got from our evdl sys-admin was he was busy with other things.
The nabble archive is still messed up after a month, and my news posts will
continue to clog your intrays. So, if you are not pleased that instead of
only receiving one EVnews email a day, has now turned into several, then let
our evdl sys-admin know.

Currently, I just returned from a relocation-reconnoiter trip in Texas. I
will be busy with tasks to that end for a while, but once completed, and if
this evdl nabble archive snafu is not resolved, I will have to consider
making other arrangements (you'll have to get my EVnews posts from somewhere
else). Which seems a shame as we all had something going really well on the
evdl, and now ... its discombobulated.

My TX-trip adventure details would be OT for the evdl (no one wants to read
them anyway), but open to corrections from our local Tesla driving Texan
Willie, my experience has me not seeking Austin nor San Antonio (much too
much growth and intensity like the Silicon Valley I am trying to get away
from), but north of there where it is quieter (the sticks).

It will be quite a change for me from the intense EV scene of Silicon Valley
(after I had taken the I-35 exit, I knew I was in (Silicon Valley-esk)
Austin when I saw my first 'Gunmetal Grey' Leaf, after not seeing an EV in
TX for a whole week).
Austin is fairly fat on public L3 EVSE, with a good dispersal of L2 all

Where I was north of there & later in SA ... forget-about-it ... nil, zip
public L3 EVSE.
It was like stepping back into the EV scene Silicon Valley had back in the
late 1990's
(when enough public EVSE was just a mere twinkle in this EVangel's eye).

I attended the 9/16 SA NDEW EVent, where the SA public had plenty of EV
interest (they were quite hungry for more plugin information). I was having
so much enjoyment helping out, I all but ignored 95+F heat & all the pain of
being on my feet for several hours.
Afterward, I took my spent/exhausted body back to my rental ice in the far
away parking lot, and rested in its AC awhile (their NDEW was a valuable
experience for me which I would do all again in a heart beat). Once I am
relocated, I can foresee me planning the long drive south each year to
attend SA's annual NDEW EVent.

Lastly, here are a few news items you might find interesting:
The horrible world of EV Adapters (and I thought USB C was bad)
17 September 2017  Man there are just too many different standards for plugs
in the world. As soon as you leave the world of regular plugs (in the US,
these little things are called NEMA 5-20P). The decoder ring btw is, so for
instance a NEMA 14-50P means: …

% The media is drinking the Koch-Kool-Aid while taking Koch Bros' anti-EV
funding %
Why You’ll Still Be Pumping Gas Even as Electric Cars Take Over
Sep 21 2017  The reality, industry leaders stress, is that pure
battery-electric models, such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the Nissan Leaf,
will remain relatively niche players for ...
European utilities: EVs almost double household electricity use
September 23, 2017  Deutsche Bank ponders the impact of electric vehicles
(EVs) growth on European utilities and sees electricity distribution cos as
the likely clearest winners ...
USC Upstate professor awarded $363K to study effects of electric cars
Sep 22, 2017  A University of South Carolina Upstate professor is working to
make sure the country's power grid can handle the growing popularity of
electric cars ... a 3-year project ...

EVLN: Media Drinks Deeply Of Koch Bros' Anti-EV Kool-Aid
Mar 15, 2016
EVLN: Koch Brothers' Multimillion Dollar War on EVs
Feb 20, 2016
"Drinking the Kool-Aid" is an idiom commonly used in the United States that
refers to any person or group who goes along with a doomed or dangerous idea

Drive Electric Week Events Kick Gas in all 50 States
09/22/2017  In its seventh year, National Drive Electric Week (NDEW)
demonstrated once ... more than 100,000 people attended 279 EV promotion
events in all 50 states ...

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