Cheap Leaf drivetrain, was: Are million dollar conversions the way.

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Cheap Leaf drivetrain, was: Are million dollar conversions the way.

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Not sure where Lawrence commented on as I could not find a source.
Regarding Leaf upgrades, getting 2 used but good quality Leaf packs will
set you back about $6k. I put two complete Leaf packs in my truck but those
were older year Leaf packs (both 2011 if I am not mistaken) since I figured that
re-using packs that would not be desirable in a Leaf but still have about
70 - 75% capacity gives 1.5 times capacity that is available in the Leaf and thus
the truck, driven carefully, has greater range than the Leaf.
I have taken it on a warm sunny and dry day for a 80 mile round trip on the
freeway and came back with about 1/4 capacity left, so the range is well over
what the original Lead-Acid pack could do, consisting of 2 strings of 26 Hawker
42Ah 12V batteries, giving a nominal 26.3 kWh while the two Leaf packs
combined are almost 1.5 times 24kWh or just under 36 kWh.
So apparently my truck can do about 300Wh/mi at constant 55 on a warm day.

BTW, I have sold a 2011 motor and inverter for prices that would still place you
under $10k total package for 2 batteries and 2 drivetrains.

In case anyone is interested in a 2013 Leaf drivetrain that is already installed
in a truck, I am giving away an '82 Dodge Rampage (El Camino style) truck
with the Leaf drivetrain, controller, halfshafts, steering and everything
already installed. Just some sheet metal work remaining, wiring up
accessories, painting the body as surfuce rust is starting to appear and
adding a battery - it has a space to place the Leaf battery under the bed and
I can supply a pack for it as well, which will obviously not be free.

The only contingency is that you must promise to do your best to finish the vehicle
and show it running to the original owner, who can no longer work much on his EVs.
Note that the vehicle has already ran in the past.

There is $233 back fees on the car to register it in California.
So, you could say that I am selling it for $233, payable to the DMV.
Preferably the vehicle is moved off the private property in Fremont
within a month or so. Tow dolly available.

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On Fri Jan 12 12:49:37 PST 2018 [hidden email] said:
>Maybe for Arnold but couldn't we do this for much less?  A large number
>of Leaf cells and two Leaf up front and one behind. 
>Should be able to be done for less than 10k and a donor vehicle...maybe
>a International scout or a toyota 4x4 truck. 
>I love to see conversions still popular but this CCS conversion is only
>for the rich.  Lawrence Rhodes

Umm, less than 10K?  For "a large number of Leaf cells and two leaf drivetrains"?
Where can I get that?  I'll take 2!


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