DC Solar EVSE-trailer offers free L2 EV charging in Las_Vegas-NV

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DC Solar EVSE-trailer offers free L2 EV charging in Las_Vegas-NV

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DC Solar offers free electric-vehicle charging in Las Vegas
Nov. 23, 2017  Mick Akers

[image  / Christopher DeVargas
A pop-up EV-charging station is located at 2295 E. Tropicana Ave.

Keeping an electric car charged in the valley just got easier.

DC Solar has added mobile EV-charging stations to town. They can charge one
or two vehicles at a time depending on the model. They are powered by solar
panels attached to each station, and there is a biodiesel generator on each
unit for backup power.

Motorists can charge vehicles for free, as the units pay for themselves.

“The approach is similar to YouTube’s advertising model, which provides free
videos courtesy of sponsored content,” said Jeff Carpoff, DC Solar chief
executive officer.

DC Solar considered various factors before choosing its initial 20 station
locations in Southern Nevada.

“Availability of physical space and proper exposure to the sun are the first
considerations,” Carpoff said. “Beyond that, customer needs determine
location. We do our best to place the units outside of existing parking

Las Vegas is one of 10 cities in which DC Solar introduced its EV-charging
units. Other units are in Arizona, California, Ohio, Florida and North
Carolina. DC Solar plans to add 200 additional charging stations around Las
Vegas next year.

“DC Solar’s goal is to encourage EV use by offering the necessary charging
infrastructure, and to work closely with businesses of all sizes to find the
most effective strategies to deliver clients and customers the service they
need,” Carpoff said.
[© Las Vegas Sun]
(map)  2295 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119  (near Loanmax parking lot)
EV Charging Stations | DC Solar has taken electric vehicle (EV) charging
stations to the next level by integrating our mobile solar technology with
ChargePoint ...

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