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% Until the Casino erects a fence protecting the graves, respect the family's wishes by not  tromping around their cemetery (the area under trees: das verboten, forbidden) %
Family upset over treatment of cemetery on casino property
May 1, 2017  DAVID L. SHAW


TYRE — What are the odds of a cemetery being in the parking lot of a major casino resort?

The Weaver Family Cemetery and its six graves is located within the 85 acres purchased by Wilmorite from Edward and Jean Leonard as the site of the del Lago Resort & Casino, which opened for business Feb. 1.

As part of the state-mandated community mitigation plan submitted during del Lago’s gaming licensing application, the developers promised to preserve the graves in their current spot.

The only exception would be if all known living descendants consent to moving the graves and a court approves the removal and reinterment.

Wilmorite pledged to design and preserve the graves within a 20-by-20-foot area, hire an experienced cemetery developer and create an area that may be within a proposed parking area.

Some Tyre residents don’t feel that promise has been fulfilled yet.

Long-time resident Kay Strong said protection of the Weaver cemetery is in the mitigation plan, “but they haven’t done what they said they’d do.”

She said when some people went there to put wreaths on the graves in February, they were “surrounded” and “intimidated” by security officers.

“Some of my husband’s family is buried there. They were supposed to make a small parking space next to the cemetery, put up a fence and do landscaping,” Strong said. “They were supposed to secure it and take care of it. They have not done what they said they’d do.

“They are responsible to do what they agreed to do and make it right,” Strong said.

Others are not happy that a row of electric vehicle charging stations was placed near the cemetery area.

However, del Lago Executive Vice President and General Manager Jeff Babinski disagrees.

“Throughout the entire building process, del Lago Resort & Casino has been respectfully cognizant of the cemetery located on the property and we will continue to thoughtfully maintain the site as we operate our facility,” Babinski said in a written statement.

“During construction, we worked with the town of Tyre, a cemetery architect and descendants of deceased family members to ensure we properly protected the burial site and respectfully memorialized the family,” Babinski said.

He said casino and town officials are working with descendants of the Weaver family to determine how they wish a memorial sign to read.

Babinski said the artwork for the sign has been sent to town officials and to Weaver family descendants for final approval.
[© 2017 Finger Lakes Times]
Jeff Babinski  Executive VP & GM at del Lago Resort & Casino

Wilmorite casino gamble: Boon or blight in small Finger Lakes town
June 17, 2014   Michelle Breidenbach


 ... Graves on the site
When Strong looks at that rural stretch of Route 414 where the casino is planned, she remembers the apple orchard she and her late husband farmed across the road. She points to the Amish farm in operation there now and the yellow sign that cautions drivers to watch for horses and buggies.

And she points out an island of trees and grass in the center of the vacant field where the casino would go.

That's the Weaver family cemetery, where at least four of her late husband's ancestors are buried. The property has been in her husband's family since 1801, when military tracts were given to soldiers as payment for services in the Revolutionary War. A will written by her husband's great-grandfather sets aside half an acre to be occupied as a burying ground "to remain sacred."

To build a casino, Wilmorite had to decide whether to dig up and move the bodies of some of the first settlers of the town of Tyre. After hiring a consultant, the developers have decided to preserve the graves in a park on the casino property, said Juris Basens, vice president for gaming operations at Wilmorite ...

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney ... said the opponents were muddying the issue and arguing for something they have already lost ...

Robert Hayssen, chairman of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors ... said any opposition comes from a small group of neighbors ... said he had been assured by the developer that the Weaver family burial ground will remain intact. He forwarded a report from a cemetery consultant the developer hired to investigate.

The report said the casino property was willed to Weaver family descendant Jeanne and husband James Leonard, who have signed an option to sell the property to Whitehall 414, a Wilmot company. The Leonards declined to comment for this story. Cemetery Consultant Richard Fishman said the Leonards and Strong are opposed to moving their ancestors' graves ...
[© 2017 Advance Media New York]
The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the rattlesnake are the words "DONT TREAD ON ME". .... suggest the snake pictured on the flag was being provoked, and is striking. Hence the warning, "Don't tread on me (or I will strike)" ... The flag is named after American general and politician Christopher Gadsden (1724–1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution. It was used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag ...
(map - stay away from the island of trees and grass)
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