EV Album Updates "Under Construction" Entries

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EV Album Updates "Under Construction" Entries

Mike Chancey
Hi folks,

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a couple of changes in
the EV Album setup in the last few days.  Aaron Choate, our gracious
host, has shifted the Album to a new server.  Code man extraordinaire
Jerry Halstead stepped up again to handle the tweaks required, and viola
the Album now comes up with much shorter URLs.  The old links still
work, but now everyone can see and use the much shorter
http://www.evalbum.com/ followed by the entry number.

One issue has come up, we have quite a few entries marked "under
construction".  Some have been shown this way for a number of years.  I
am sure by now most are completed and also some may have been canceled.
If anyone has an entry they need the "under construction" marking
removed, please drop me a note off list.  Also, if you have an entry or
know of an entry that was canceled, please let me know off list and I
will "retire" it from the Album.

As always, if you don't have your EV in the Album, please consider
submitting it.  The whole point is getting ideas out there and sharing
what we know.  A picture of how your EV goes together and a clear list
of it's parts and capabilities really makes the whole concept so much
clearer.  It is easy, it is free so you really have no excuse.

Thanks and happy holidays,
Mike Chancey
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