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?EV Insurance co$t worrie$? (then don’t buy a Porsche)

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Porsche Financial Services Rolling Out EV-Specific Insurance
November 13th, 2019  Zachary Shahan

[image  / Ryan Mitchell, CleanTechnica

Porsche has a new EV-specific insurance policy called “Taycan policy.” The
insurance offering adds battery and charging station insurance to typical
mobility insurance.

Here are some more details from Porsche: “Furthermore, the digital insurance
package ‘Porsche Shield’ – which can be used to add extra insurance
components to an existing car insurance policy – has been expanded to
include ‘E-Cover’.”

“A highlight of ‘E-Cover’ is the original price protection for the battery
in the event of damage. Extensive cyber protection is another innovative
component of the product,” Holger Peters, CEO at Porsche Financial Services,

Aside from the Taycan, Porsche’s plug-in hybrid models can also now use
E-Cover. Those are plug-in hybrid trims of the Cayenne and Panamera.

Nope — there’s no info on cost for any of this. As usual, insurance is quite
personalized, so you just have to buy a Taycan and communicate with Porsche
Financial Services if you want to know about Taycan insurance pricing. Also
— it’s Porsche, it’s gonna be ‘spensive.

No offense to potential Porsche buyers, but if the insurance cost is a big
deal for you, you shouldn’t be buying a Porsche anyway.

If you’d like to buy a more affordable Tesla, on the other hand, feel free
to use my referral code — https://ts.la/zachary63404 — which provides 1,000
miles of free Supercharging ...
[© cleantechnica.com]

+ (Tesla-S_Plaid 2takes back Taycan market-share)
Tesla Model S Plaid will get an even bigger battery, Musk says
 ... 3 e-motors along with the larger battery ... Plaid seemingly came out
of the blue following the splash Porsche made with its Taycan Turbo
Nurburgring lap time ...

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