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EV modeling, was: Sunrise EV2 website updates

fred ungewitter
For creating models on the computer from real-world objects, one apparently needs only a quality digital camera and as many photographs from as many angles and axes (plural of axis) as possible. Autodesk, those wizards of AutoCad has a free service called 123D, which takes your images and generates a 3-D model for any purpose you choose: http://www.123dapp.com/

I've seen the 3-D model of the Autodesk building on a YouTube video, and it's astonishing. An existing electric vehicle, even if only in prototype or mock-up form, could be photographed and processed into a model imported on your computer, then modified as desired.

I have no association with the above company or web site. I have only an interest in creating my own 3-D model, yet have not found enough time to properly prepare for the project.


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From: Lee Hart <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [EVDL] Sunrise EV2 website updates

Peri Hartman wrote:
> That model came out amazingly good, Lee!  Not only are you dexterious with
> your fingers, but it must have been quite a challange to draw all the
> designs flat and have them come out 3D.  Great

It was a challenge indeed! I had a row of about 20 iterations, each one
a little better than the last. I spent more time on it than I probably
should have.

It does tell me that it should be *possible* to make a full-size car
body in somewhat the same way. Cut it out of sheet metal instead of
paper, and rivet it together. Or plastic, and hot-air-weld it.
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