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EV rentals> Car&Driver is spreading mis-information

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% I daily read a whole lot of junk/fake EV news items. It's like the Koch Bros $Million's are being spread around like manure just before next month's NDEW EVent. That means the fewer number of people that come to the NDEW EVent will be armed with mis-information, and we EVangels will have-to gently let the public know what they have been told is wrong, without hurting their feelings (people often come to these EVents, and then repeat-back like parrots what they have heard, as their own opinions. So, we have to take care not to bruise their egos when we straighten them out).

Here is a bogus news item Car&Driver (C&D) put out:

Hype Aside, Americans Still Aren't Renting Electric Cars
August 10, 2017 Avis, which is in third place, does not offer any fully electric vehicles for rent. One big reason for soft EV-rental demand is low fuel prices. But Kurt Kohler, senior ...

 And it is not the first time EV rentals have been poo-poo'd:

Turns Out No One Wants To Rent An Electric Car
Oct 14, 2013 - Guess Nissan doesn't have to worry about the Leaf becoming the ubiquitous rental car anytime soon. Leafs on lots across the country are ...

IMO, the bottom line on the C&D piece, is that it falls into the  fake-news  category.

Their headline:

-Still Aren’t Renting Electric Cars-

 should be changed to:

Still Can’t Rent Electric Cars

The writer's word arrangement leaves the public assuming Kohler's bogus statements are an explanation for all three rental companies mentioned, which is unfair. He can only speak for his company.

And there Kohler sits fat-n-happy, high up in his position
View Kurt Kohler's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's ... Kurt Kohler. Senior Vice President Fleet N/A at Enterprise Holdings ...

 But Kohler has never tried to rent an EV using his company's web site (either the old or the new one).

The public has to hunt and peck by entering in a branch that would have an EV. Since no one knows which branches have them, including their customer service people:

 Customer Service  1-800-264-6350 (use option2),

 on each EV search the public will get:

 'Sorry, Intermediate Electric vehicles are currently unavailable out at this location. You can try searching for a different location where this vehicle is available, change your dates and/or times, or select from available vehicle classes below.'

However, Kohler's company does give easy access to sell off their EVs
 (lists all the ~$10k Leaf EVs they are selling off)

The public is not going to make all the effort to know where(which branches) their EVs are being sold off, so as to call those branches selling them to see if they can rent an EV.
Note, I said call, not use the company's web site as their site always says there are none available.

BTW, Hertz, and Avis web sites also talk a mean, green game



 But each also do not have any EVs to rent:

 'Your previous vehicle selection is not available. Please select one of the available vehicles below'

*The good news to all of this mis-information C&D is spreading, is I have an item I will post soon about GM's:

Maven Gig | Rental Cars for Driving Workers
Maven Gig provides rental cars for drivers who need a car to work for Instacart, Roadie, and Grubhub ...

 which will rent you one of their 248 mile range Bolt EVs.

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