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EV1 Who Cares? In the long run you will

Hello Damon
I noticed your post and was going to let it go but find myself  responding.
This does serve a practical purpose. While I can understand your  point is
build your own EV. I feel you fail to see the larger picture.  I too have fallen
into what should be important for  others is what I feel is most relevant. When
it comes to EV's I  like to think am more open minded.
The Killacycle and White Zombie only bring awareness to  EV's to some of the
public. However the commitment these owners have  made is important. Not
everyone wants to build an EV yet Lee and others spend  countless hours on this
list trying to give good advise. Not all of us care  about going fast  in an EV.
Not everyone is skilled enough or has the  time and space to build and EV.
How many people build their own ICE vehicle? How many people want to build  
their own EV? No where near as many as we need. The EV1 could have helped
solved  that problem. GM did try to literally crush these out of existence. The few
that  were left were disable by GM to make sure they could not be made
drivable again.  To have GM try and kill it with the removal of critical parts and
have one of  them actually get running again is quite an achievement. It helps
not to let the  factory production EV just fade away. There was a nice write
up in the  Currentevents in March this year about Jeff Thomas of EVBones who
brought  this EV1 back to life. This is a very significant event it shows we
have very  capable people  interested in seeing electric vehicles succeed.  When
many large selfish energy corporations and Vehicle  manufacturers who wanted
them to fail and go away.
We want factory EV's. The batteries that are too expensive now will be in  
them. They will provide the salvage yards with inexpensive batteries we  
desperately need at reduced prices. This will open up the possibilities of  a huge EV
conversion movement. Factory EV's who needs them? We do and  the faster that
day arrives the sooner batteries will be here that  most everyone on this list
is waiting for.
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On one hand, I can see why this is exciting, but  on the other who cares.  It
is no longer and never again will be a  production car, it will never serve
any practical purpose, so while this is a  nice piece of nostalgia it does no
one any good.

If you want an EV of  your own you've still got to build it  yourself...


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