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EVDL filtering and moderation

EVDL Administrator
We interrupt this program to bring you an important message from your, uh,

We have implemented the list software's filtering to help dampen flame
problems.  A moderately clever poster can easily defeat the filter, but it
should help to slow the "hit reply and type in fury" responses which usually
fan the flames.

We can't filter all the issues which might cause flame wars, but when new
problems arise we'll take action as soon as possible to limit the damage.

Also, several list members who took part in the recent altercation are now
individually moderated, as are all new subscribers by default.  This means
that your posts may be delayed for anything from a few minutes to a few
hours, until Clyde or I can approve them.  Since the Milter Greylist (the
list's antispam software) delays many posts at least that long already, this
delay probably won't be very noticeable to the few people affected.

We'll add to and subtract from the moderation list as conditions warrant.  
It's in our best interest to keep this list short, as every moderated post
requires a few minutes of our time.

Why are we doing this?  Not to whack you over the head, or to muzzle you.  
We're tring to encourage you to think twice before responding to a message,
especially when you're angry or upset.  

Blood boiling?  Go ahead, write what you're thinking - but don't send it
yet.  Walk away from the computer.  Go work on the EV for a while (that's
what we're all here for, right?).  Make a cup of tea or coffee.  Take the
dog for a walk.  Play laser pointer tag with the cat.  Then come back,
reread your post, and edit or rewrite it.  Make sure it makes your point
with factual, supportable statements, never personal attacks, invective,
emotionalism, or innuendo.  Check that its tone is positive and collegial.  
THEN you can hit "send."

Depending on circumstances, IE depending on how much time we have at that
moment, you may or may not receive an explanation if your post is rejected.
In most cases, the reason should be fairly clear.  (Just like Ken Thompson's
car, eh? ;-)  If not, you're welcome to email me with your questions.  I'll
respond as soon as I can.  See the next paragraph for my contact

This is a pretty substantial change in EVDL policy, so you may have some
thoughts and ideas about it.  Actually, I hope you do.  However, please
don't post them on the list, as they're off topic!  Email them to me at my
private address, which is at the bottom of http://www.evdl.org/help/ 

Now we return to your regularly scheduled discussion of lithium batteries. ;-

David Roden - Akron, Ohio, USA
EVDL Administrator

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EVDL Information: http://www.evdl.org/help/
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Note: mail sent to "evpost" or "etpost" addresses will not
reach me.  To send a private message, please obtain my
email address from the webpage http://www.evdl.org/help/ .
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