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EVLN: .008gm of carcinogenic cadmium per VW-EVSE> 124k recall headaches

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Volkswagen threatens recall of 124,000 electric cars
1 August 2018  Bridie Schmidt  Source: Volkswagen


A charger containing traces of cadmium is causing headaches for Volkswagen,
which says that because of the presence of the carcinogenic metal, the
German automaker may be forced to recall 124,000 electric and hybrid

The toxic heavy metal was once used to plate trims on many vintage vehicles,
but it is now banned for use in most car parts due to its cancer-causing

A supplier, who has not been named by the company, had not indicated that
the toxic heavy metal had been used in the chargers it supplied to the
automaker for installation in battery-electric and hybrid vehicles made
under the Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche brand names between 2013 and June

Traces of the toxic heavy metal were detected in small amounts by the
company on July 20, with each charger containing 0.008 grams of cadmium per

Reports say that the automaker took immediate action, stopping production
and delivery of vehicles concerned and informing Germany’s Federal Motor
Transport Authority (KBA).

The cadmium is present in a relay that resides inside a solid housing within
the charger, and the company says that drivers are not at risk of exposure.

The presence of the heavy metal does however pose a risk to technicians who
may come in contact with the component, and may not conform with European
end-of-life regulations.

The 124,000 affected vehicles are not yet being recalled, as Volkswagen
awaits a verdict from the KBA to clarify if the chargers breach health and
safety standards, however production has resumed with cadmium-free chargers
now being sourced from another supplier.

It is not the first controversy withstood by the nearly 80-year-strong car
manufacturer. In September 2015, the company announced the need to refit 11
million vehicles worldwide after being issued an emissions violation notice
by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Although the automaker has promised to launch a new electric vehicle
‘virtually every month‘, there are no electric VWs currently available in
Australia and so Aussie consumers are not affected by the recall.
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