EVLN: 100 Tesla-3 EVrs' kids get ~$500-off towards in-car driver's training

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EVLN: 100 Tesla-3 EVrs' kids get ~$500-off towards in-car driver's training

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'Tesla's SolarCity has focused on the most profitable projects that generate cash upfront'

Tesla Model 3 Owners Get $500 Drivers Training Incentive (For Their Kids)
Jul 17, 2017  John Koetsier,Contributor

A Tesla Model 3

The original Tesla roadster

If you're one of the lucky few to be receiving a new Tesla Model 3 soon, and you dare to let your children drive it, you're in luck.

DrivingTests, an e-learning company that offers driving test preparation in all 51 states, is offering 100 Model 3 owners up to $500 towards the cost of in-car driver's training for their kids.

"Our big idea here is to get teens interested in clean electric vehicles," founder Andrei Zakhareuski told me via email. "Incentivizing teens to get some behind-the-wheel experience with a Tesla Model 3 is a way to show them what great capabilities electric cars have."

As odd as it might seem, teens might need some incentive.

Millenials are driving in lower numbers than previous generations, and recent numbers from a survey Zakhareuski did with 157,000 visitors to his site indicate that 70% of millenials are also not very interested in electric vehicles.

The positive spin on that survey, I suppose, is that 30% of young people do want to buy an electric vehicle. And, in that same study, Tesla was the preferred brand of 13 to 19 year olds.
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