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EVLN: 1949 Mercury Coupe Derelict meets Electric 2018

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Icon’s Electric 1949 Mercury Coupe Has Tesla Batteries And Freight-Train
October 30, 2018  Michael Karkafiris




Icon has revealed the latest member of its Derelict lineup, a 1949 Mercury
Coupe that has been converted to electric power while preserving the
original patina and exterior trim of the car.

Adding the electric powertrain is a collaboration between Icon and Stealth
EV; this 1949 Mercury Coupe is powered by a dual electric motor that offers
the equivalent of 400hp and 470lb-ft of torque in a transmission-less

The dual motor setup is being fed by a Tesla Performance 85kWh battery array
that has been “strategically fit throughout the vehicle” in order to achieve
the best possible weight balance. Icon says that their electric Mercury
Coupe can travel between 150 and 200 miles on a full charge. Recharging the
battery back to full takes as little as 90 minutes.

Icon has added a CHAdeMO 125A fast-charger plug behind the front license
plate and a Tesla Supercharger plug in place of the original fuel filler,
giving its lucky owner more flexibility. The whole powertrain comes with an
EV management system that protects the batteries from overcharging and
provides thermal management, among other features.

Icon also had some fun under the bonnet of their Derelict Mercury, creating
a custom aluminum construction that resembles the shape of a vintage V8;
with the electric motors mounted in the transmission tunnel, the custom
aluminum construction is actually housing the battery controllers and a few
of the Tesla battery modules. Even the wires feature custom cloth-braided
sheathing, referencing the original wiring loom.

Prior to getting an EV transplant, the 1949 Mercury Coupe was disassembled
completely, having all rubber replaced with new parts and receiving
insulation and sound-deadening material wherever possible. The body then
received a new chassis developed with Art Morrison Enterprises, featuring
independent suspension front and rear.

Icon’s new 1949 Mercury EV Derelict was commissioned by a longtime client
and is currently on display at SEMA.
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Icon's latest Derelict is an all-electric 1949 Mercury Coupe
1949 meets 2018
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This Mercury Coupe Is The Electric Sleeper Of Our Dreams
OCT 30 2018  Still crazy ’bout it ... aftermarket EV-conversion industry ...
an 85 kWh Tesla-sourced battery ... ICON positioned a CHAdeMO 125A
fast-charger plug behind the tilting front license plate frame and also
converted the original gas filler into a Tesla supercharger plug to expedite
in-transit charging ...

EDEKA starts on-road test of the Mercedes-Benz eActros
October 25, 2018  Mercedes-Benz Trucks delivered a fully electric eActros
for on-road testing to EDEKA. The German retail association will be testing
a 25-tonne truck with refrigerated body for one year in Berlin, where it
will be used to transport fresh, temperature-sensitive foodstuffs in
Germany’s capital ...

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