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New Nissan NV300 and NV200 campervan range includes an EV
6 Jun, 2018  James Wilson

Nissan campervans

Nissan announces a range of campervans, including an e-NV200 electric model,
at the 2018 Madrid Motor Show

Nissan has taken the covers off a new in-house campervan range at the 2018
Madrid Motor Show. The campers, which are currently exclusively for the
Spanish market, are based on Nissan’s NV300 and NV200 vans with an
all-electric e-NV200 version included in the line-up.

The standard NV200 [ice], e-NV200 [EV] and NV300 [ice] start at £15,000,
£19,000 and £21,000 respectively. But due to the flexibility of options
customers can specify, there is no set price list for what the campervan
conversions cost. That said, the basic overhaul (which includes a bed,
extendable roof, turning seats and power supply) comes in at around £5,300
or €6,000. But expect a more considerable step up for the fully-loaded
camper versions.

All the campervans offer a raising roof, which the maker claims allows four
people to sit and stand in comfort. They all also come with a double bed,
however, the NV300 is the only van to offer sleeping for four, thanks to a
second double bed which is made available once the roof is lifted. Inside
this larger NV300-based model, there’s a fridge, sink, hob and heater to
make sure occupants don’t freeze during their fine dining experience. For
around £100 motorists can even specify a shower.

Francesc Corberó, communication director of Nissan Iberia said, “The new
Nissan Camper range will allow the most adventurous to have a balcony with
views of the most incredible places in the world and enjoy the essence of
traveling with family or friends”.

Nissan’s new campervans will be going up against some stiff competition in
the factory-built campervan sector with VW offering the popular California
and Mercedes having its V-Class Marco Polo. The e-NV200 electric campervan
does have an unusual appeal, however, and may well attract campers looking
to cut costs and do their bit for the environment. There’s no word on
whether Nissan plans to offer its creations in the UK but we’ll bring you an
news as it develops.
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