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EVLN: 1st Tesla-3 (rc87) in Canada> spotted near Rockies @Squamish.bc SuperEVSE (v)

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First Tesla Model 3 in Canada was spotted near the Rockies
Nov. 28th 2017  Fred Lambert

Tesla-3 @Squamish.bc Supercharger  2017-11-27-at-8-00-52-pm

Tesla Model 3 i Norge. Teslanytt.no - 0:05
2017-11-27 - Uploaded by Jim Roger Johansen
Hvit Tesla Model 3 observert i Norge. Filmet av Jan Ove Furesund.
(White Tesla Model 3 observed in Norway. Filmed by Jan Ove Furesund)

Tesla’s Model 3 remains a hard car to find outside of California and yet,
there were two separate interesting sightings of the new electric vehicle in
other countries this week.

After a Model 3 was spotted in Germany earlier this week, now another Model
3 was spotted in Canada – the first confirmed sighting in the country.

I say “confirmed” because we received several reports of Model 3 sightings
in Canada (from Vancouver to Montreal) during the vehicle’s development
program, but we were never able to confirm any of those sightings.

Now a Redditor going by ‘MUMBAI_MAN‘ [
] shared a picture of a Model 3 spotted yesterday at the Squamish Tesla
Supercharger in British Columbia ...

The fact that it has a number stickered to the rear window could mean that
the vehicle is a release candidate unit in Tesla’s Model 3 test program
since it has been a way to identify them in the past.

Though we haven’t seen those vehicles for a while now, especially since
Tesla started delivering production units in July, and never in Canada

The official launch in Canada is not expected until the second half of 2018.

It could be there for winter driving tests – though Tesla already did some
of those tests in New Zealand earlier this year [

Either way, it looks like the Model 3 is going to see some winter conditions
despite deliveries being mainly limited to California for now.

Aside from this Model 3 in Canada, the one spotted in Germany earlier this
week has now made its way to Norway:

It’s interesting to see the Model 3 get around despite the low number of
vehicles produced to date.

As we reported in our last podcast, Tesla had produced only just over 580
Model 3 vehicles as of mid-November, according to a source familiar with the

The production is apparently still limited due to bottlenecks in battery
module manufacturing at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, among other early
production issues.

Though Model 3 reservation holders had a rare good news among the delays
recently when Tesla opened orders to non-employee reservation holders.
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