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Canada's first big delivery of Tesla's Model 3 like 'Christmas morning' for
some owners
May 31, 2018  Jeff Lagerquist, Scott Lightfoot

[video  flash
Swarm of electric vehicles arrive in GTA
Many customers who left the dealership with the new Tesla Model 3 electric
vehicle purchased the car online years ago

Tesla Model 3  The car is a smaller, simplified and more affordable version
of the Model S sedan, according to the manufacturer’s website

The first large-scale delivery of Tesla’s much-anticipated Model 3 sedan has
arrived in Canada, ending months of waiting for anxious owners who based
their purchase on nothing more than online specs and photos.

Tesla enthusiast website Teslarati reported that roughly 300 examples of the
Model 3 were spotted in a Toronto parking [
] lot on Wednesday.

John Elliot from Waterloo, Ont., said he has been waiting for more than two
years to get behind the wheel of the California-based automaker’s first
mid-priced vehicle.

“I haven’t slept all night,” he told CTV Toronto on Wednesday. “When I was
like eight years old, I worked with a horse and buggy in a milk wagon. Now
here I am. I’m 76 years old, and I’m driving an electric car.”

The Model 3 starts at $45,600 before provincial green car incentives. The
car is a smaller, simplified and more affordable version of the Model S
sedan, according to the manufacturer’s website.

All of the vehicles in this delivery have been spoken for.

Wendy Weir, from Kingston, Ont., said her husband Lenn had been counting
down the days until he could take delivery of their new wheels.

“It’s been like watching a kid trying to stay asleep so Santa Claus can come
on Christmas morning,” she said. “I get it, but to me it’s just a car.”
[© ctvnews.ca]

Tesla owner demos Autopilot’s lane-changing behavior when a vehicle is
June 5, 2018  The capability of Tesla's electric cars to detect other
vehicles on the road while on Autopilot was highlighted in a video of a
Model X owner back in April ... The Model 3 promptly detected the truck, and
it refused to change lanes. The electric car even turned off the turn signal

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