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EVLN: 2019 Bolt gets minor updates +3 new color options (r:same)

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GM is bringing a few minor updates and 3 new color options to Chevy Bolt EV
13 May 2018  Markus Baca


GM is bringing a few minor updates and 3 new color options to Chevy Bolt EV

According to a recent EV magazine Electrek’s report, General Motors (GM) is
bringing some new updates to its sole all-electric vehicle, the Chevy Bolt
EV, with the forthcoming release of the vehicle’s third model year.

The Electrek report about updates coming to GM’s Chevy Bolt EV is based on
the information obtained from the 2019 Bolt EV equipment list documentation
sent by the automaker to its dealer network. The Chevy Bolt EV 2019 will
likely reach dealerships close to the end of 2018.

As per the indications from the dealer documentation, the Chevy Bolt EV is
chiefly being updated with some connectivity features, including smartphone
access for car sharing. GM’s emphasis on car sharing is also evident from
the introduction of a new option called ‘Smartphone interface.’ The option
essentially includes “vehicle entry, start and operation, and car sharing.”

In addition, GM is also introducing three new color options for the Chevy
Bolt EV 2019 --- Slate Gray Metallic, Shock, and Green Mist Metallic.

However, the dealer documentation also shows that GM is apparently not
giving any powertrain update to the Chevy Bolt EV 2019. The new model year
Chevy Bolt EV will still be equipped with the same 60 kWh battery pack and
150 kW electric motor.
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