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Kia Releases Niro EV First Impressions Video

First Impression | e-Niro | Kia

What do folks at the 2018 Paris Motor Show think of the Kia e-Niro [EV]?

First impressions of the 2019 Kia e-Niro have been outstanding. Most reviews
we’ve read, written, and shared have been packed with a plethora of positive
takeaways. Now, Kia’s new all-electric crossover has made its way to the
2018 Paris Motor Show and many people are getting to see it in the flesh for
the first time. Of course, they’re unable to test drive the car, but they
can see it, size it up, sit inside, and learn all about its specs.

Kia’s new video is brief, but it does a nice job of showing off the e-Niro,
complete with people’s quotes across the bottom of the screen. Overall, the
attendees seem impressed by the crossover’s styling, overall size, interior
space, cabin quality, and range. It’s evident that Kia is making great
strides with its vehicles in general, and especially exciting that the
Korean automaker is making a concerted effort in the electric vehicle space.

Unfortunately, these cars won’t be readily available in many areas, at least
initially. Kia and Hyundai EV production isn’t intended to be large-scale at
first, and on our shores, the vehicles will only be sold in select states.
However, this is still the early stages of what could turn out to be a much
more substantial push for the EV segment is a whole.
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Nio builds a battery swap station right next to a Tesla Supercharger
Nov. 1st 2018  Nio is ramping up its electric vehicle infrastructure effort
in China ... Several companies tried and failed at battery swapping. Tesla
had a battery swap system that they seemingly abandoned. NIO has a very
similar battery swap system, which they claim can autonomously replace a
battery pack on the ES8 in about 3 minutes. They want to deploy 1,100
battery swapping stations by 2020 and one of the first ones is going up
right next to a Tesla Supercharger station...

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