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EVLN: 20k demand.no for r:300mi £30k 64kWh Kona EVs CLOSED orders

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Hyundai Kona ELECTRIC order book CLOSED in Norway after big demand and LOW
June 3, 2018  

Hyundai Kona ELECTRIC order book CLOSED in Norway

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The Hyundai Kona Electric order book has been closed in Norway after 20,000
expressions of interest in Hyundai’s new electric SUV are made. Just 2,500
Kona EVs will be available this year in Norway.

We all know Norway is the biggest market for electric cars in Europe –
especially per capita – so it’s no surprise that they’re trying to pile in
to the new Hyundai Kona Electric in a big way.

But it seems Hyundai Norway has been a bit overwhelmed by expressions of
interest in the Kona EV from Norway’s car buyers, receiving 20,000 in a very
short time when they appear to have just 2.500 cars to offer this year.

So, for the time being, Hyundai in Norway is closing their order book whilst
they try and figure out how to deal with demand. Demand which is going to be
further fuelled with a list price in Norway of just £30,000.

That price of £30,000 for the Hyundai Kona in Norway isn’t for the
entry-level, smaller battery and motor model, but for the full fat 64kWh
battery, chunky 210bhp electric motor, 300 mile range and 100kW rapid charge

Even adding extras doesn’t cost a fortune, with a leather interior adding
under £1k to the price, and adding leather and a Panoramic roof just under

Hyundai closed the list for those wanting to buy a Kona EV when it announced
its prices, giving those who expressed interest time (until 17 June) to
confirm their order. They then plan to re-open the order book on 2 July.

Although if a sizable chunk of those expressions of interest turn in to
actual orders – which they probably will – Hyundai are going to have a
problem. But, as problems go, it could be a lot worse.
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