EVLN: 2nd Life for 54kWh Tesla Roadster Pack as a 200mi DIY e-Porsche 911 EV (v)

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EVLN: 2nd Life for 54kWh Tesla Roadster Pack as a 200mi DIY e-Porsche 911 EV (v)

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Tesla Roadster Battery Gets Second Life In Electric Porsche 911 – Video
August 8, 2017  Mark Kane

Electric Porsche 911 | Fully Charged
    00:00 Introduction and car ‘walkaround’ with Richard.
    04:06 Battery comparison.
    05:44 Robert’s first ride in a Porsche! Power assisted steering, transmission etc.
    07:59 Two modes: Eco & Power and range.
    08:59 Robert drives the ‘911E’.
    11:16 Testing the acceleration!
    12:20 Scenic shots & outro


The latest episode of Fully Charged was all about an electric Porsche 911 – but as Porsche themselves don’t offer any, the only way to have one … is to build one.

This particular Porsche 911 from 1979 is a complete restoration and conversion project made by Electric Classic Cars, using a Tesla Roadster battery pack and two electric motors.

The range is said to be up to 200 miles (322 km), and acceleration is even better than the original Porsche 911 SC Targa.

    Richard Morgan of Electric Classic Cars, last seen on Fully Charged when we test drove the lovely red VW Beetle, has surpassed himself.

    This is an amazing machine, slightly faster than the original 1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa and beautifully converted. With a 54kWh battery from a Tesla Roadster and two motors end-on-end, it’s 0-60mph (0-97km/h) time has been improved by close to 1 second so “it’s certainly got a little bit of spirit!” ...
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Ever Dreamed Of An Electric Porsche 911? This Car Company Installed Tesla Roadster Battery Packs Into A Classic Porsche
7 August 2017  British car company Electric Classic Cars transformed a 1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa into an electric vehicle. The vintage car was fitted with a pair of electric motors powered by a 54 kWh battery pack from a Tesla Roadster ...

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