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EVLN: $32k Torqeedo Hi-Perf Deep Blue e-Boats use 33kWh i3 dingolfing.de pack

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BMW i3 Batteries Powers Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Electric Boats
July 23, 2017  Mark Kane

BMW i3 batteries for Torqeedo (electric marine propulsion systems)





BMW’s batteries have found new application, besides powering plug-in cars and energy storage systems. The German company Torqeedo now offers BMW batteries in its electric boats.

The Torqeedo high-performance Deep Blue electric drive systems uses a 33 kWh battery pack, offered for $31,999 plus shipping charges. The European site lists the pack for €29,397
(19% VAT included, plus shipping charge).

According to the specs, pack is limited to 30.5 kWh of available capacity, 55 kW of output power, and has warranty of 9 years till capacity will fade to 80%.

Depending on boat, there are 40 hp and 80 hp equivalent motor to choose from.

    “BMW i continues to drive sustainable innovation with its futureproof technology and integrated approach. And now the high-voltage battery developed for the i3 is not only powering emissions-free mobility on the road, but on the water too. The BMW Group is supplying lithium-ion batteries from its Dingolfing plant to German company Torqeedo.

    The marine drive system manufacturer is using them for energy storage in its high-performance Deep Blue electric drive systems. Torqeedo was founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany and is leading on a global basis as a provider of electric and hybrid propulsion systems for motorboats from 1 to 160 HP for sailing yachts and commercial marine applications, such as ferries and water taxis.”

Dr Alexander Kotouc, Head of Product Management BMW i explains:

    “We see the decision by Torqeedo to use BMW i high-voltage batteries for their Deep Blue propulsion system as further evidence that we can build the drive systems of the future without any need for compromise on performance, innovation and sustainability. This successful transfer of the latest automotive technology to the water is testament to the value of the integrated approach that underpins BMW i.”

Christoph Ballin, Co-founder and CEO of Torqeedo said:

    “The BMW i high-voltage batteries are a model of extraordinary reliability and performance for electric mobility. They allow us to deliver state-of-the-art electric propulsion technology and integrated energy management for leisure craft and commercial marine applications.”
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