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EVLN: $35k Tesla-3 hints 100+k/yr r:200-300mi, SUV, Estate, Roadster2

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Tesla Model III to Get SUV & Estate Variants, Roadster Mk2 Considered

Back in July, Elon Musk confirmed on his Twitter account that by 2016 we'll have a new Tesla nameplate dubbed the Model III. Even though the smaller brother of the Model S is currently in development, a Tesla official hinted the Model III will spawn two new vehicles – an SUV and an estate.

The twin-engined, all-wheel drive Model S P85D and the soon to be launched Model X crossover may be the rave nowadays, but the Model III will be the car to change Tesla Motors from low-volume EV maker to a global phenomenon. Why so, you might ask?

Not much is known about the III, but some details are certain – it will be of a similar size to the BMW 3 Series (compact executive / D-segment vehicle), it'll sport a low price (around $35,000), it's expected to go more than 200 miles (321 km) on a charge and it will boost Tesla's yearly sales well over 100,000 units.

About the new info on the Model III, Chris Porritt, which is Tesla's vice president for engineering, told AutoExpress that "we [Tesla] want this car to be [GBP]30,000 to [GBP]35,000 with derivatives which will appeal to all sorts of people. SUVs, estates – who knows? ... We’ve got specific customers for Model S, we have an idea with Model X, but we need to appeal to more people with Model III."

Of course, the Nevada-based Gigafactory and Panasonic battery building know-how will help Tesla a lot to keep the price of the Model III and its two derivates as low as possible. Even so, Chris suggested that the Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer has "to be more efficient in the way we build it and we will have to use more cost-effective materials or be cleverer with the materials we use.”

Last but not least, the Tesla official told the British publication that the Model III will most likely boast with an all-electric driving range of "between 200 and 300 miles." In addition to this driving range update, Porritt suggested that Tesla Motors "may do a Roadster or a sports car again," that is after the electric vehicle automaker is finished with its current expansion plans.
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http://www.autoexpress.co. [you kay] /tesla/89178/tesla-model-iii-could-spawn-suv-and-estate
Tesla Model III could spawn SUV and estate
24 Oct, 2014  James Batchelor
Tesla's Model 3 compact executive car will lead a new range of smaller electric models to take the fight to BMW and Audi ...

New Tesla Roadster II 2017-2018 won't be slower according to the directorate of Tesla Motors

First about Tesla Roadster 2
Tesla Roadster Electric Car II will receive the new platform in 2017-2018, but will have characteristics at least like the first generation

Currently the main focus of the company Tesla Motors is made ??to promote the current model of electric car Model S in all markets and future revision of crossover Model X which is coming soon for the start of sales, but any information about the new roadster generation has not yet been reported.

It's only known, that recently Vice President George Blankenship said that the future generation Tesla Roadster won't be exactly slower than the first generation, that is to accelerate to 100 kilometres per hour will take up to 4 seconds, maybe even within 3.5 seconds. Also he stressed that range for electric car on a single charge will be about 320 km. If the current generation of Tesla Roadster (2008-2012) is based on the roadster from the company Lotus, then the next 2nd generation must have a base of its own design, as well as older models.

Vice President George Blankenship Tesla Motors near Roadster mk1Vice CEO George Blankenship near orange Roadster from Tesla
Based on the company's plans for the next couple of years, a presentation of new Tesla Roadster II will be held not earlier than 2017-2018 years. Full-scale production and sales of two-seater Tesla are expecting even later. However, everything can be, and the company could introduce the new roadster mk2 in a year or two.
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Mythbusters Part 2: The Tesla Roadster is not a Converted Lotus Elise
March 3, 2008  By Darryl Siry, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Service
A Tesla Roadster Superowner in the Arctic Circle
April 23, 2014  By Hamish McKenzie
Tesla scouting Aussie know-how
21 October 2014 ...
Tesla will hold a 'Recruiting Open House' in the Victorian capital next Thursday (October 30), when senior engineering representatives from the company will interview applicants ...

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