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EVLN: $8k (Tavria based) Ukrainian production EV> ZAZ-1109

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This is the first electric cars of the Ukrainian production
05.01.2019  paradox



??? ???????? ?????? ????????????? ??????????? ???????????? Unusual
modifications undergone Ukrainian Tavriya.

By far the most recognizable in the world of electric vehicles is the Tesla,
which is produced by the same company and inventor Elon musk. Tesla is
different the ease, convenience and attractiveness. However, it turned out
that the invention of the Mask was not the first in the world. Ahead of the

Ukrainian company from a Ukrainian parts in 1991, launched its version of
the electric vehicle. To equip motor used Tavria sample 1991-1994 model
year, which was called ZAZ-1109. She proved to be quite successful, as it
was installed efficient Converter and microprocessor control system, which
was also of Ukrainian origin.

Designers assembled a body of lead-acid batteries. The car was affordable,
lightweight and maneuverable, and it has been charged from a regular
household outlet. Therefore, the Ukrainian Tavria on electric (electric car)
went on the roads of Switzerland and Germany.

The cost of one such machine with motor was $ 8,000, of which $ 2,000 was
spent on the battery.
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