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EVLN: 97yrold Grandpa's charming 1st Tesla-S EV experience (v)

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Tesla Model S Owner Gets His 97-Year-Old Grandpa's First Impression Of An Electric Car
Justin T. Westbrook


97 Year Old in a Tesla -  6:17
Aug 13, 2017 - Uploaded by Zev Gitalis
Zev Gitalis. ... Zev is a commercial real estate broker in Toronto, Canada at Gitalis Real Estate and ...

Having grown up hearing my family talk about what it was like seeing television evolve into what it is today, it must be even more surprising for a 97-year-old to witness the evolution of the car into “the future” we now know as the Tesla Model S.

Before you jump down my neck about the volatility of Tesla and the future of the electric car, I know. I’m not exactly ready to go claiming that electric cars are our only future or that Tesla is going to take us all there.

But to a 97-year-old, climbing into a Tesla Model S after nearly a century of never experiencing anything like it would feel like the future, as this charming video demonstrates:

I was honestly, uh, shocked when the guy driving actually did the acceleration test, but his grandpa seemed to really enjoy it! So much so he claimed you feel like you’d need a parachute to ride in it. He seemed like he had a good time, and it’s a testament to Tesla that somebody who has seen it all can still get excited about their car.
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