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Australian electric vehicle maker ACE-EV could produce 15,000 cars by 2025
May 28, 2019  

ACE-EV will start its Adelaide production line with the Cargo light
commercial EV

The Urban EV is next off the assembly line, along with the Yewt and the

An Australian electric vehicle maker has signed a contract to begin
producing four EVs from a new Adelaide base.

The Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Group (ACE-EV) has made a deal
with Adelaide’s Aldom Motor Body Builders. ACE-EV now aims to produce more
than 15,000 vehicles by 2025 from the South Australian facility.

The deal will help the innovative EV car manufacturer establish an assembly
line for its flagship Cargo van. From there, ACE-EV plans on large-scale
export to meet the global right-hand drive market.
Electric vehicle maker ACE-EV opens new assembly line in Adelaide.

Australia not keeping up with rest of world: ACE-EV

The initial focus for ACE-EV is light commercial city transport. Managing
director Greg McGarvie says the EV manufacturer already has orders for
around 100 Cargo delivery vans. The electric vehicle maker will have four
models in total, the Cargo, Yewt, Urban and the Sportz

However, McGarvie told Energy Matters last month that the Federal Government
is the biggest obstacle to EV uptake in Australia. The re-elected Coalition
went to the May 18 federal election without a concrete EV strategy.

He says huge markets like China are 100 per cent behind EVs. A staggering
680,000 EVs were sold there in 2018, while Australian sales were less than
Electric vehicle maker: Still a way to go to full manufacture

According to ACE-EV, a few things still need to happen before the company
reaches production capacity.

Full manufacture will require around $130 million, McGarvie says. The Aldom
deal will therefore help the company kick off first phase of the assembly

ACE-EV will initially import carbon-fibre body parts from Taiwan and Germany
for assembly here. Ultimately, the EV manufacturer hopes to move from 25 per
cent Australian-made content to 50 per cent.

The EV maker also plans to establish a global right-hand drive market from
its Australian base. It will start production using 3,000 square metres of
Aldom’s 121,000 square metre factory.
Electric vehicle maker ACE-EV opens new assembly line in Adelaide.

Why ACE-EV electric vehicles will take off in Australia

Greg McGarvie is convinced Australians will soon be driving ACE-EV models
because of their advantages:

    They charge overnight and future models will be fast-charging.
    30 kW battery models have 200-250 km range, 40 kW models have 260-330
    Optional Graphene Interface Technology gives extra 40 per cent range.
    The average running cost is $9 per 250 km.
    Starting price is $40,000 before government charges.
    No smell, no noise.
    The only additive is water for the wipers.

Meanwhile, households with solar panels can also add a home battery like the
Tesla Powerwall 2 or Enphase to charge their car overnight.
[© energymatters.com.au]

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