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'Akwaful explained that his reason for the electric car was due to the
country's high fuel cost'

Ghanaian Converts Fuel Car To Electric Car That Will Cost You Only Ghc 2 To
Travel From Accra To Kumasi (VIDEO)


ambrose washman
Ghanaian Invents Electric Car That Will Cost You Only Ghc 2 To Travel From
Accra To Kumasi

Every technological era has seen the alleged invention of a device which
attempts to prove that the dominating force of the technology actually needs
no fuel and it will put the fuel-providers out of business by giving the
world free and unlimited power.

Often, such inventions are done in the developing world – but luckily for
us, a Ghanaian by name Kweku Yimfa Arkorful of Best Brain Electronic has
converted a fuel car to an electric car that consumes low power by charging.

An electric car - also battery electric car or all-electric car is a plug-in
electric automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using
energy typically stored in rechargeable batteries.

Electric cars are more popular today in the western world let you travel in
silence and produce zero emissions.

Speaking to Peacefmonline.com, the convertor, Kweku Nifa Akwaful explained
that his reason for inventing the electric car was due to the high rise of
fuel in the country.

The biggest worry of electric cars has been how they took up to 12 hours to
fully charge only to last at most about 150Km before they cried for another
12 hrs of charge.

But, Kweku Yimfa Arkorful said his electric car takes only 2 hours to fully
charge and can last for 260Km.

“I have designed my car in such a way that, when fully charged, it can last
for 260Km, that can take you from Accra to Kumasi, but you have to charge it
before you can return and that will only cost you Ghc2 from any charging
center”  he said

He said the newly built electronic car is for his own use but noted that he
will consider a mass production in no time.
[© Peacefmonline.com]

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