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EVLN: Army.us trickle now an EV flood …Despite EO 13834 strategy falling short

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US Army (Still) Gearing Up For Electric Vehicle Revolution
November 25th, 2019  Tina Casey

electric vehicle charging stations Army EVSE
Suggested position for new EV charging stations (aka EVSE) at US Army
facility (screenshot via NREL)

 ... the future of military mobility is looking more and more electric. A
new report produced through the US Department of Energy suggests that the
Army is primed and ready to lead the way into the electric vehicle future —
just as soon as they get those charging stations installed, that is.

US Army Hearts Electric Vehicles…
The new report comes under the somewhat meaty title, “Electric Vehicle
Supply Equipment — Tiger Team Site Assessment Findings from Army

The report does not necessarily represent official Energy Department policy,
as noted in a disclaimer. On the other hand it was produced by the Energy
Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory under the direction of the
US Army, which also funded the project, so there’s that.

The Army is in the process of purchasing more electric vehicles, and the new
report is intended to identify cost-effective pathways for ensuring that
sufficient charging infrastructure (aka EVSE or electric vehicle supply
equipment in Army parlance) is in place when the new vehicles arrive.

…Despite EO 13834
Why does the Army prefer to say EVSE instead of charging stations? Who
knows! If you know, drop us a note in the comment thread.

Meanwhile, the real question is why the Army is still buying electric
vehicles. Last year President* Trump revoked a 2015 Obama-era executive
order (#13693, for those of you keeping score at home) that set aggressive
targets for switching to EVs and other alternative fuel vehicles.

Is nobody paying attention?

Well, yes and no. The Department of Defense was already pursuing electric
vehicle technology before President Obama laid down the 2015 order, along
with related technologies like autonomous vehicles and microgrids powered by
renewable energy.

The key point is that the Trump order did not — and legally, could not —
nullify the Energy Policy Act of 1992, which provided the basis for the
Obama order.

The affected agencies are still required to meet the law. Instead of laying
out specific targets, though, the new EO only requires that agencies meet
their obligations “in a manner that increases efficiency, optimizes
performance, eliminates unnecessary use of resources, and protects the

Yes, More Electric Vehicles For US Army
If part of the intention of EO 13834 was to shield biofuel stakeholders (aka
American farmers) and natural gas stakeholders from the EV revolution, it’s
pretty clear where the strategy falls short.

EO 13834 leaves a lot open to interpretation ...

However, that was then. Today’s technology landscape is different. EV tech
is improving rapidly, battery costs are dropping, and maintenance costs for
EVs are lower. In addition, the falling cost of renewable energy provides
opportunities to reduce or offset the cost of electricity for refueling EVs.

The Army Turns An EV Trickle Into A Flood
The new report summarizes results from 30 Army sites examined by the Tiger
Team (aka teams of engineers and other specialists) between 2016 and this
year. They conclude that an additional 252 EVSE need to be installed across
those sites in order to support pending fleet acquisitions totaling 236
electric vehicles over the next three to five years.

In addition to the 236 fleet vehicles, the new EVSE will need to accommodate
charging for charging privately owned vehicles and other vehicles at Army
facilities, which accounts for why they recommend more charging stations
than fleet vehicles.

The new fleet vehicles alone will make a significant difference. Once on
board, they will account for 17% of sedans and station wagons at the
participating sites.

As for the whole rest of the Army, the plan is to focus on those selected
sites, to refine EVSE installation strategies and develop best practices.
Those sites can then act as mentors and ambassadors  for others — many
others, if all goes according to plan.

The authors note that overall the anticipated EV acquisitions will account
for 3% of the light duty fleet at participating sites, which suggests “a
sizeable impact as well as opportunities for continued expansion.”
[© cleantechnica.com]

+ (vw pr)
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