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Bond gets an electric car and a wife who refuses to ...
9 November 2019  CAROLINE GRAHAM

Craig will drive an electric Rapide E model. Only 155 of the £250,000
vehicles have been built

EXCLUSIVE: The 'wokest' 007 ever: James Bond gets an electric Aston Martin
and a wife who refuses to take his second name in new Time To Die movie (but
rude innuendo survives thanks to Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge)

James Bond will drive an electric Aston Martin Rapide E in the upcoming film

It has been billed as the most politically correct James Bond movie yet –
but No Time To Die has not entirely done away with Benny Hill-style innuendo

In one scene, Daniel Craig's suave secret agent is struggling to get a
seaplane airborne as his passenger cries out 'Get it up! Get it up!' –
prompting the wry reply: 'I've never had a problem with that before.'

Fans who have come to love such doubles entendres might be surprised that
they have survived the franchise's 'woke' makeover that has banned outdated
sexism and introduced strong female characters, such as Lashana Lynch as
another top British secret agent.

[image] ... plans for her to become the first black, female 007 – taking
over the codename from Craig's Bond after he retires – could be scrapped
after a social-media backlash. Sources say she is now likely to get another
agent number, 001.

Earlier this year, this newspaper revealed that Fleabag creator Phoebe
Waller-Bridge had been brought in as a scriptwriter to ensure the
blockbuster was appropriate for the #MeToo era.

And now we have learned more secrets from the £200 million movie, due out in
April ...

Ms Lynch, 31, said of her double-O role: ... a fresh perspective on a
brand-new black woman in the Bond world.'

She was determined her character should be a 'real' woman 'who has issues
with her weight and maybe questions what's going on with her boyfriend' ...

At the start of the new film, Bond has officially 'retired' to Jamaica ...

Craig's Bond is brought out of retirement to work alongside the female
special agent to save the world from a villain who has developed a deadly
algae which threatens to kill the world's oceans – a nod to the concerns of
climate campaigners.

In that vein, producers were determined to make the most environmentally
friendly 007 film ever ...
No Mr Bond, I expect you to RECYCLE! ...

Even Bond's beloved gas-guzzling Aston Martin hasn't escaped the green
makeover ...

Craig will drive an electric Rapide E model. Only 155 of the £250,000
vehicles have been built. However, the character hasn't stopped flying, with
filming having taken place in Italy, Jamaica, Norway and London
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