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EVLN: BMW-pr copies Tesla> e-Mini EV tows 150ton Boeing777 jet (v)

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BMW releases video of Mini all-electric towing a 150-ton Boeing 777
May. 31st 2019  Fred Lambert


BMW Group @BMWGroup
The #MINI Electric on the way to the runway: Silent, emission-free and
extremely powerful
The Muscle Car is towing a @Lufthansa_Cargo #Boeing777F - curb weight:
around 150 tons #MINIelectric @MINI #friendshipgoals #superpower
4:42 AM - May 31, 2019

BMW is going to launch an all-electric Mini car later this year and in order
to promote the vehicle, they released a new video of a Mini all-electric
towing a 150-ton Boeing 777.

After several Mini electric concepts over the years, BMW finally confirmed
the production of an electric Mini to start in 2019.

It will be the last electric vehicle from BMW before their 5th generation
electric vehicle powertrain.

Last year, BMW unveiled the first production design features of the upcoming
electric Mini, but we have yet to see the full version of the production

Now BMW has released a video of a camouflaged Mini Electric production
prototype towing a 150-ton Boeing 777 plane:

They haven’t released a lot of specs for the Mini Electric, but it is
expected to be equipped with a similar powertrain as the BMW i3.

Electric motors can produce a lot of torque, which is why electric vehicles
can do impressive stunts like this.

BMW is actually not the first automaker to think of the stunt to promote an

Last year, a Tesla Model X broke the electric towing record by pulling a
Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

BMW plans to unveil the production version of the Mini Electric later this
year and quickly start production in England and China.
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