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EVLN: BYD Opening Electric Truck Factory In Canada

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'There is less of a barrier having Chinese products in Canada compared to
the US'

BYD Opening Electric Truck Factory In Canada, Cites Friendlier Environment
For EVs Than US
November 18th, 2017  James Ayre

The China-based electric vehicle manufacturer BYD will be opening its first
assembly facility in Canada next year in Ontario. This is in anticipation of
surging demand for electric trucks in the country, the company has revealed.

As explained by BYD Canada spokesperson Ted Dowling in a phone interview
with Bloomberg, the reason for accelerating investment into a Canada is
mostly due to the presence of strong provincial tax incentives creating an
environment that is more welcoming to electric vehicles than the US
currently is.

“There is less of a barrier to entry when it comes to having Chinese
products in Canada compared to the US,” Dowling explained.

“BYD is a global company, but we like to localize,” Dowling continued. “It
doesn’t make sense to build everything in China and then ship it. It makes
more sense to utilize the incentive programs and policy changes and create
jobs in different markets.”

While it’s not been revealed yet where exactly the new facility will be
located in Ontario, Dowling did reveal that the company will initially be
hiring around 40 people in conjunction with the development. No details have
yet been provided about investment costs or possible government incentives
or tax breaks.

Bloomberg provides more: “A spokesman for Ontario’s Ministry of Economic
Development and Growth declined to comment on any investment from BYD. …

“BYD will start its operations in Ontario by shipping technology and
components from China and making short-range vehicles such as garbage and
delivery trucks, said Dowling. The company intends to expand, hiring more
people to add more Canadian content in the future, he said. …

“A core attraction for Ontario is that the region around Toronto has many
distribution centers within close proximity, so if one company goes electric
and sees their costs reduced, other companies will start doing it too, he
said. If successful, BYD could be at the forefront of rebuilding a dormant
truck-manufacturing industry, Dowling said. Canada has been losing auto
investment to cheaper locations in the US and Mexico with one of the last
major commercial truck assembly plants closing in Ontario in 2011.”

“We’re bringing back an industry and we’re doing it through
electrification,” Dowling stated. “It’s a totally different game.”

As far as competition in the sector goes, the only notable names on the
horizon are Daimler, Tesla, and Navistar/Volkswagen — so BYD may well be
able to capture itself some significant market share in Canada before those
names get going in the region, just as it has done with electric buses.
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Buffett-Backed BYD to Open Electric-Truck Plant in Canada
November 14, 2017 - BYD Co., the Chinese electric-vehicle maker backed by
Warren Buffett, plans to open its first assembly plant in Canada,
anticipating a surge in demand for electric trucks from municipalities and
businesses. BYD, often described as China's Tesla, will open the plant next
year in Ontario and hire about 40 ...

Driverless trucks are coming to Canada and the impact will be profound ...
Nov 20, 2017 ... the imminent arrival of autonomous commercial vehicles on
Canadian roads will entirely eclipse the impact of electric-powered trucks
... (unlike human) robot vehicles won't operate when conditions are more
hazardous than they can handle ... autonomous vehicles will be programmed to
park and wait when conditions are in danger of becoming unsafe ...
conditions get bad, autonomous trucks will be better, and safer, than those
with a human behind the wheel ...

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