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EVLN: Blackpool.uk Leaf-EV taxi robbed& hijacked

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Blackpool taxi driver robbed at knifepoint
24 December 2017  

(leaf ev)

Police stop vehicle
A taxi driver was robbed at knifepoint in Blackpool this evening.

The incident happened on the Yeadon Way service station at around 7.30pm.

The attacker, a male with his face covered by a scarf, appeared at first to
be a customer.

But he forced the driver out of the taxi - an electric vehicle - after
pulling a kitchen knife out and threatening him.

The male then got in the vehicle and drove off, resulting in a police
pursuit of it down the M61 into the Greater Manchester area.

The police helicopter was scrambled and followed the stolen vehicle,
reporting its progress from above.

Police said the vehicle came to a halt in the Westhoughton area after it ran
out of power at about 8.10pm.

A man was detained at the scene.
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