EVLN: Bolt EVr wannabes should express their interest @their local dealer in August

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EVLN: Bolt EVr wannabes should express their interest @their local dealer in August

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% The old schedule image below sez all U.S. dealers will have Bolts by Sept (GM up'd their timeline from feeling some Tesla-3 heat). GM now sez go to the dealer of your choice express your Bolt interest. Since GM is saving money by only making a few Bolt EVs at a time. IMO, its better to get your pre-order in early. %

Chevy Bolts to be available across the country by August
June 9, 2017  Eric D. Lawrence

238-mile range, affordable price power electric car' drive for mainstream buyers. Mark Phelan/Detroit Free Press
Chevy's Bolt EV (Photo: Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times, TNS)

If you've been waiting for a Chevy Bolt, you should be able to buy one before the end of the summer.

Chevrolet has released an updated schedule showing that the Bolt, General Motors' extended-range plug-in electric vehicle and its most direct challenge yet to upstart Tesla Motors' ambitions, will be available nationwide in August, about a month ahead of schedule, according to GM.

"We had a deliberate plan for rollout that reflected our desire to ensure dealer preparedness from the sales and service sides and to ensure inventory availability. We’re able to do that slightly ahead of the previously announced schedule," Fred Ligouri, a GM spokesman, said in an e-mail when asked what prompted the company to move up the date.

In order to sell Bolts, dealers will have to have a DC fast charger, which "provides up to 90 miles of range in about 30 minutes of charge time," according to GM.

Factory deliveries to dealers of the Bolt, which advertises a range of 238 miles per full charge, began in California and Oregon in December and now include 16 states. In coming weeks, deliveries are scheduled to begin for dealers in Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Texas before nationwide availability in August, Ligouri said.

The national rollout of the Bolt, which is advertised at less than $30,000 after a federal tax credit, has been highly anticipated, in part, because of what its sales will mean for the future viability of the electric vehicle market, which continues to represent a tiny fraction of cars sold in the U.S. The Bolt is also an important vehicle for GM as more automakers launch electric vehicles, and Tesla prepares this year to launch its Model 3, its first attempt to reach a mainstream consumer audience.

“Chevrolet's Bolt EV represents the first viable, mainstream alternative to a traditional gasoline-powered car. Its potential to resonate with consumers outside EV-friendly markets like California and Oregon makes it a litmus test for battery-powered vehicles. The sooner it reaches nationwide availability, the sooner we’ll know the country’s appetite for electric vehicles," Karl Brauer, executive publisher for Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, said in an e-mailed statement.

When asked about GM's expectations for Bolt sales and boosting the electric vehicle market, Ligouri said "Chevrolet is attracting new customers thanks to the Chevy electric vehicle family and we expect this momentum to continue with wider geographic availability of the Bolt EV."

Where can I get a Bolt now?
General Motors says the Bolt is available in California, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont.

GM does not have a preorder system for Bolts, but the company encourages potential Bolt customers to visit their local Chevrolet dealer to express their interest.
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