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Global Cobalt CEO sees no reason to panic as Russia takes control in Crimea

Global Cobalt Corp. Chief Executive Officer Erin Chutter says she does not believe the company will lose title to its flagship cobalt project following the Russian annexation of Crimea ...

Government sanctions have been imposed against key Russian leaders and a handful of wealthy individuals tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Rossyia Bank ...

So far, no broad sanctions have been levied against Russia.
But David Ross, a former advisor to the Russian government, told BNN that this could change if Putin’s Russia continues to bully its way into the Ukraine and grab more territory ... “Putin is playing the West,’’ said Ross. “He is not worried about trade relationships.” ...

Global Cobalt says its Karakul project has the potential to be among the world’s largest deposits of cobalt, a key ingredient used in hybrid electric vehicle batteries (HEV), aerospace technology, hardened steel, smartphones, and solar panels ...

Global also has a strategic partnership with Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (BGRIMM), a global mining consultancy. Under the terms of an October, 2013, memorandum of understanding, BGRIMM will arrange financing and selection of a Chinese contractor to develop a bankable feasibility study for the project.

Subject to the approval of Global Cobalt, Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co. Ltd. will arrange offtake agreements with a major Chinese processor. Easpring is a leading battery materials supplier and is publicly listed in China ...
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