EVLN: Czech Čezeta (pig faced) e-motorcycle/scooter ts:120kph 0-60mph:7s

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EVLN: Czech Čezeta (pig faced) e-motorcycle/scooter ts:120kph 0-60mph:7s

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The cute little Čezeta is the electric scooter you really want
MARCH 9, 2017  




We first mentioned the rebirth of Čezeta (the little Czech motorcycle that could) around a year ago.

Now, after a 50-year gap in production, we can confirm that they are indeed back in production and they’re looking cuter than a Piglet wearing little red wellington boots.

The new, Čezeta Type 506 ‘luxury scooter’ is now officially in production and available to order, although they’re limited to just 600 and you can only buy one for the European market currently.

The 506 produces a fairly impressive 11kW from its battery-powered motor, which offers a top speed of around 120 km/h (75 mph)and a 0-50 km/h in 3.2 seconds (which converted to a linear power delivery is around 0-60 mph in just shy of 7 seconds-ish).

It also includes what Čezeta refer to as a ‘2-way Sway throttle’ and a Dynamic Torque Selector which means that you also get a chance to play a little with the power delivery to suit the roads being ridden.
(Which for a machine like the Čezeta should only really mean choosing between cobbles and wet cobbles).

Made to order to a customer’s chosen specification in Prostějov, eastern Czech Republic, each will be marked with a celebratory plate to commemorate the build.
[© motofire.com]

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