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Racine Chevrolet In Quebec Is Using The Tesla Model 3 To Sell Electric
November 27th, 2018  Bruno Marcoux, Electromobility consultant for Racine
Chevrolet  Guest Contributor


From left to right: Florian Boire, president of Racine Chevrolet; Daniel
Breton, electromobility consultant; and Louis Bernard, promoter of The
Electrical Vehicle Show of Montréal.

Martin Archambault — spokesperson and webmaster for QÉVA (Québec’s
Electrical Vehicle Association) presenting at the grand opening

Racine Chevrolet  Branché vers l'avenir - Édition 2018

The world’s fastest Tesla Model 3 is showcased and used to sell other EVs at
a new pre-owned EV dealership in Québec

What? A GM dealership offering rides in a Model 3? And not just any Model 3,
but a high-performance Model 3 from Québec’s very own Ian Pavelko’s — aka
“The Mad Hungarian” — who slept 2 days in a tent to have the privilege of
being Québec’s first Model 3 reservation holder.

Ian’s Model 3, which he has named “Magneto,” is a modified Performance
version of the Tesla Model 3 with upgraded wheels. He believes it is the
fastest Model 3 in the world (best time so far is 0–60 mph in 3.12 seconds).

But wait, Racine Chevrolet is promoting a competitor? Why would it do that?

Until December 31st, 2018, Québec has a pre-owned electric vehicle (EV)
incentive of $4,000 CAD. The aim is to increase the availability and
purchase of inexpensive used EVs to accelerate the electrification of
Québec’s transport system. The target of the new incentive is to hit 100,000
EVs in the province by 2020. The last tally at the end of September showed
that 35,170 EVs had been sold and sales were on the rise, following an
exponential growth curve. According to FleetCarma [
], Québec achieved a 3.3% EV market share in the second quarter of 2018,
which is quite high globally.

Despite Québec’s Zero Emission Law forcing manufacturers to offer electric
vehicles, the offerings are always smaller than demand. However, with the
new incentive, drivers can purchase pre-owned EVs from the 1 million used
plug-in vehicles in the United States and import them into Québec. Since the
incentive was implemented a year ago, 1,136 plug-in vehicles have been
imported from the US.

In the province of Québec, the #1 EV on the road is the Chevy Volt, and the
#4 is the Bolt. This leads to Racine Chevrolet wanting to sell more EVs, but
it is limited by what is available. If it could get its hands on more clean
vehicles, they would sell more.

Racine Chevrolet’s president, Florian Boire, has set a goal of becoming the
#1 dealership in electric vehicle sales in Québec. In order to achieve this,
the dealership opened a pre-owned EV division that will sell all EV brands,
not just those from Chevrolet or even General Motors. The improved system is
starting with Nissan LEAFs and BMW i3s, but all other EVs will follow, even
Teslas. Racine is currently keeping 15 pre-owned EVs in inventory and is
working to increase that number to 75.

At the rate at which Chevy Spark EVs are being imported into Québec, it
seems likely that 100% of all the pre-owned Spark EVs from the US will end
up in Québec, largely thanks to the structure of the new rebate. To
celebrate the grand opening of the new EV division at Racine Chevrolet, Ian
Pavelko brought his record-holding Tesla Model 3 Performance to show off to
customers. Take a look at a brief video of the grand opening of the new
branch on October 20th:

The festivities and adrenaline from all of the 0–60 mph runs might be over,
but the dealership is still taking names from customers interested in
getting into the Tesla Model 3 Performance at the dealership. To sign up,
head over to this short survey [
] and enter a few quick details to let them know you’re interested. As a
special bonus, each person who completes the survey is entered to in a
raffle to win a $99 CAD credit on your circuit électrique card.

The grand opening also featured road tests in a handful of electric vehicles
for attendees to run through the paces, including: the Chevy Bolt, Chevy
Volt, Chevy Spark EV, Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Hyundai Ioniq, and Ford C-Max

For more information about the Québec Electric Vehicle Alliance’s (QÉVA)
conferences and events, head on over to its website [

Note: This is not a sponsored article, we just love to highlight independent
dealerships that love EVs.
[© cleantechnica.com]

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