EVLN: Does Toyota's Hydrogen Car Prove They're Eco-Clueless?

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EVLN: Does Toyota's Hydrogen Car Prove They're Eco-Clueless?

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% Toyota is against the plugin trend and sees more ferengi profits in fcvs without renewable-sourced refueling infrastucture %

Does Toyota's Hydrogen Car Prove They're Eco-Clueless?
by Matt Hardigree  [2013/08/31]

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1st Gear: Toyota Has A Hydrogen Car Coming In 2015

So, Toyota's FCV-R Concept is a preview of the first Toyota hydrogen fuel cell car, which they say will launch in 2015 to what we expect is a limited audience.

The details? It's the Hybrid Synergy Drive they use in the Prius but they use a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a gasoline engine. Impressively, they claim it'll go 420 miles and produce no C02, N0X or particulate matter emissions. Like all hydrogen fuel cells, it just produces water.

Here's the nut, though:
Toyota expects FCHVs to reach full mass-market commercialisation during the 2020s, by when it aims to be selling tens of thousands of vehicles annually. This market growth will be supported by the wider roll-out of fuel cell vehicle technology; the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure that will bring filling stations within easy reach of greater numbers of people; and cost reductions that go hand-in-hand with a maturing technology.

Toyota is having a big celebration of its hybrids right now in Michigan, a sign in the minds of some that they're worried the trend is towards EVs and plug-ins and yet they're still promoting hybrids and now hydrogen-powered cars ...

Reverse: Thank The Governator
On this day in 2006, the California State Senate passes Assembly Bill (AB) 32, otherwise known as the Global Warming Solutions Act. The law made California the first state in America to place caps on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, including those found in automobile emissions.

Neutral: Hydrogen? That's a lot of work to build out an infrastructure when, as Tesla is showing, it's much easier to build up on the electric grid or build an electric grid of your own.
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