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EVLN: Double-stuff 42kWh i3 EV w/ driving+parking assist r:260km

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BMW doubles range, reveals pricing for next gen electric i3
November 30, 2018  Bridie Schmidt




BMW i3

BMW Australia has confirmed its all-electric i3 and i3s models available in
Australia from February next year will have double the range of its
predecessor, with a new increased capacity battery to deliver double the
original distance of driving on a single charge.

The 42kWh battery replaces last year’s 33kW battery, and will be increased
from the original 2013 60Ah configuration to 120Ah, keeping the battery size
the same as before but instead delivering 260km range, according to BMW.

From February 2019, the BMW i3 with 125kW motor output will grace Australian
showrooms, priced from $68,700 (MSRP (that is after GST and taxes, but
before on-road costs and dealer fees), while the enhanced performance i3s
with 135kW motor output will be priced from $69,900 (MSRP).

“BMW has once again demonstrated its technical capability in the EV space
with the latest BMW i3 120Ah,” said BMW Group Australia CEO, Vikram Pawah in
a statement.

“Effectively doubling the real-world driving range from the i3’s 2013 global
introduction, the newest addition to our BMW i stable remains a trailblazer.

“Beyond that, the constant evolution of materials and specification, as well
as the i3s sports- focused variant, makes the car more relevant than ever,”
he said.

As for charging, both models come standard with a Type 2 charging plug for
single and three-phase AC charging, as well as a domestic charging cable for
those wanting to simply charge at home on their usual electricity

While charging through a standard domestic cable will take 19.5 hours from 0
to 80%, 9.7 hours through a BMW single-phase Wallbox or 3.2 hours through a
three-phase Wallbox, both models can also be charged via a 50kW DC fast
charger in as little as 42 minutes.

BMW i3 charging

In both models, a wireless phone charger, ‘Loft’ interior design and
built-in nav on a 10.25-inch touchscreen all come as standard – as well as
Apple CarPlay, which previously cost $623 extra as an option.

Also standard is Driving Assistant Plus provides safety features including
active cruise control, speed limit info, and forward collision and
pedestrian warning systems, as well as parking assistant features including
a rear view camera, park distance control and fully automated parallel
parking assistant.

Other standard connectivity features include real-time traffic information,
intelligent emergency calls, concierge services and USB map updates.

The BMW 13s model also comes standard with 20-inch double-spoke alloy
wheels, sport mode driving, a traction control system, sport suspension and
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