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EVLN: Tesla's Electric semi- & pickup trucks are coming
Tesla will reveal an electric semi-pickup truck in September ... expected to bring all the benefits associated with electric vehicles to goods transportation as well. As Musk put it, the Tesla semi could reduce ... Electric vehicles will make up just 1 percent of the entire trucking market by 2020 ...

EVLN: Uber Wants Its Drivers to Use EVs> (Uber sees strong potential)
Uber launched a program this week to push hundreds of its drivers to adopt electric vehicles in the next two years, the company's first such move on electric ...

EVLN: Electric utility Con Edison pays $.05pkWh to charge EV during off-peak hours
Con Edison, an electric utility operating in New York City and Westchester County, ... “We expect the number of electric vehicles to increase the next few years ...

EVSE @King Edward Barracks> 683bay carpark.nz w/ lic.plate recognition
Smart Parking's sensors detect the presence of a vehicle within each parking bay. ... building which has three charging stations for electric vehicles with capacity ... Unused bays are ... more visible ensuring no space is missed ...

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