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EVLN: What sound does daddy's car make, Vroom?  No, Woosh> (evwest.com pr)
Meet the DIY mechanics retrofitting classic cars with electric motors
EV West is a boutique car garage specializing in removing combustion engines
and replacing them with electric batteries ...

EVLN: Straus-dairy cow-methane-recharged IH e-truck w/ 2Leaf packs in
Finally! An All-Electric Feed Truck, Powered Completely by Cow Poop
 ... the agriculture industry has yet to find a way to make the switch ...
Straus-dairy has found a way ... Straus's truck began as a 1990s-era
International Harvester ...

EVLN: Bio-plastic Lina EV was made from sugar beets ts:80kph (v)
Electric car weighs 310kg, can hit speeds of 80kmh and is made from sugar
beets video ... The car is made entirely of bio plastics made from sugar
beets ... Electric car weighs 310kg, can hit speeds of 80kmh and is made
from sugar beets
A team of students from the Netherlands has designed and built an electric
car …

Blue Tesla-S 90D (1) vs 80yrold cyclist (0)> Collision on A177 in Durham.uk
Cyclist, 80, dies after collision with electric car in Durham
An 80-year-old cyclist has died after being hit by an electric car in
Durham. ... Both the cyclist and the blue Tesla Model S 90D electric car
were travelling south ...

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